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Firefighter Mess

The H-Town firefighters are in the news again. This time it’s the union chief, Marty Lancton. Marty got his job back after he was fired earlier this year by the Fire Chief.  I had forgotten about that.  Marty took his firing to an arbitrator and the arbitrator ruled in his favor against the city. 

This doesn’t need to be happening. I have said it a number of times about the H-Town Mayor and the firefighters.  We are all having to pay the price because they didn’t work out a deal after they helped the Mayor get elected in 2015. That was nearly six years ago. 

The firefighters are pretty good about collecting signatures and having their issues placed on the ballot.  They did it a few years ago.  The did it a few months ago.  They did it a few weeks ago. Their latest would have their contract go before arbitration if the voters approve their measure. 

The Mayor says he doesn’t know if the petition signatures will be counted on time.  That means it won’t be on the ballot this November. Give us a break.  There will be constitutional amendments on the ballot this November as well as HISD and HCC trustee races.  That will make it easier for both sides to convince the voters.  You know less political noise and clutter. Count the signatures and put it up for a vote. 

Bill King said the other day that not putting the firefighter arbitration measure on the ballot this November would be voter suppression.  That’s funny. 

Enough of this BS. Let’s get it all over with this November.  It’s been nearly five years of a firefighter mess in H-Town. If it can’t be worked out at city hall.  Let the voters decide.  If the measure passes, then let an arbitrator decide. 

I just learned another COVID-19 phrase.  Breakthrough case.  This means you got the COVID-19 variant even after you are fully vaccinated. Sigh. I will continue to mask up in a lot of cases.  As far as I am concerned, if a whole lot of folks choose not to get vaccinated, COVID-19 will have a reason to hang around. 

It is Dollar Dog Night at The Yard this evening. 

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