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My Mom

The Texas GOP House Speaker stripped Democratic State Rep. Joe Moody of his Speaker Pro Tem position for going to D.C. Here is how Rep. Moody responded: 

“The most important titles in my life will never change: Dad, Husband, El Pasoan. Nothing political has ever even cracked the top three, so nothing has changed about who I am or what my values are.” 

This is from the leaders of the House Democratic Caucus, Mexican American Legislative Caucus, Legislative Black Caucus, and Legislative Study Group: 

“We know first hand that Speaker Pro Tem Joe Moody has done more than any other member on the House Floor to protect our Chamber and the institution of the Texas House. It’s unfortunate that Speaker Phelan has been unable to do the same.

We are a coequal branch of government. When Governor Abbott decided to defund the whole legislature, Speaker Phelan was silent. There needs to be 76 members who decide who our next Speaker is, and more than 60 are not there.” 

In other words, the Speaker is letting his punkarse get owned by Abbott.  

Here is from the head of the House Democratic Caucus State Rep. Chris Turner: 

“The smartest decision Dade Phelan has made as speaker was to appoint Joe Moody Speaker Pro Tem. Joe works tirelessly to help lead the House and is respected by [Democrat] & [Republican] members. That’s why the Speaker’s decision to remove Joe is so short-sighted and so dumb.” 

It is different ballgame for sure.  

If you do Siete Food products and pay attention to the packaging, you probably notice that my Mom gets a mention on some of the products.  I think they are even putting her photo on a package of tortillas.  I have said it before, my Mom made the best flour tortillas in the world – period.  Funny thing though.  I had to do a little research on her and came across some info that I found remarkable. 

She had four kids.  My two sisters, my brother and me.  Best I can figure, after my younger sister was of school age, my Mom went to school at UH, finished there and started teaching in the La Porte ISD at the age of 40.  Wow. 

Being at a young age, I took all that for granted.  Looking way back, that was pretty special. 

Keep wearing the mask on most occasions.  Why? The Red Sox and Yankees was postponed yesterday evening because an unvaccinated Yankee player tested positive for COVID-19.  That stuff is going to happen.   

The MLB All Star Game was apparently a COVID-19 super spreader event for players.  I am glad Astros All Stars skipped the game. 

We now have 71 games left on the schedule.  We are in Chicago this weekend to play the White Sox. 

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