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GOP’s Pandemic

The USA has all the COVID-19 vaccines we need.  Other countries don’t.  The USA is still in a pandemic. Why?  Too many GOP elected officials are discouraging vaccinations. Unvaccinated folks continue to get COVID-19 and die. We are seeing a surge again thanks to the GOP. Absolutely astonishing. Letting your own constituents die to own the libs. Absolutely astonishing.  The GOP owns this pandemic.

Here is a headline in today’s online San Antonio Express-News: 

Judge Wolff fed up with unvaccinated folks in Bexar County 

It should read: Judge Wolff fed up with unvaccinated GOP folks in Bexar County 

Royko sent me this yesterday: 

Republicans are thinking of holding fund raiser to pay for hiring Bounty Hunters to return the Texas SewerRats 

Last I heard, no laws have been broken.   

The GOP Texas House Speaker wants the Dem legislators who broke quorum to return their per diem.  That’s $221 per day.  Fu_k him.  They didn’t call the special session and as far as Commentary is concerned, they are doing our work in DC trying to kill the racist voter suppression bill.  They are working in my book. 

The same GOP in the Texas legislature who are now touting an extra paycheck for retired teachers that they killed a couple of months ago. 

GOP Texas Land Commissioner George P is now suing the feds for not building the wall. Instead of using AG Ken Paxton’s office to sue, he has a private lawyer from Laredo suing. Huh? That’s your fuc_ed up GOP folks. 

Here is from MSN and this was put out by CNN late yesterday afternoon: 

WASHINGTON – The highest-ranking U.S. officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, and other top military leaders made informal plans to stop a coup by former President Donald Trump and his allies in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, according to excerpts from a new book. 

The GOP can all go to hell in my book. 

MLB resumes today with the Red Sox and Yankees in the Bronx. 

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