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Dems to DC

Fu_k the GOP.  They have decided to throw away our precious democracy. Fu_k them. 

Commentary has to say going to our nation’s capital was a pretty good move by Texas Democratic legislators.  This look is a ton better than sitting in a hotel conference room or by the swimming pool in New Mexico or Oklahoma.  Now they can get more time on the news programs and visit congressional offices.   

The racist voter suppression bill in Texas is a national story as it should be. 

Using the term disingenuous is being kind to the GOP Texas House Speaker. Punkarse would be more worthy. He called out the Dems yesterday and said they were risking the salaries of the legislative branch.  You know, the article of the budget that Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed.  The punkarse House Speaker was pretty much silent on the Abbott veto.   

Speaking of sorry arseholes.  Abbott told Fox News’ Chris Wallace Sunday morning on drive thru and 24 hour voting that Harris County doesn’t get to make the rules on election procedures.  Did I say sorry arsehole?  24 hour and drive thru voting doesn’t happen unless it gets the ok by this arsehole’s Secretary of State. 

From the Chron: 

An Astros representative was still booed Monday night in Denver, despite the team not sending any players to the All-Star Game. 

Mascot Orbit was the target of anti-Astros sentiment as he was jeered at the Home Run Derby at Coors Field. 

I guess Orbit didn’t have the option of calling in sick.

The Astros are hosting an MLB All Star game watch party at Saint Arnold this evening.  There are no Astros playing in the game tonight.  I will drop by to drink a couple free beers and pick up my All Star Game souvenir glass and leave. 

Go Dems! 

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