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Over 100,000

It is now official. When the history is written about the Great Pandemic of 2020 and 2021 and counting, the GOP will be listed as aiding and abetting COVID-19.  Here is this from today’s Chron: 

WASHINGTON — Some Texas Republicans are pushing back against President Joe Biden’s push for greater outreach to get more Americans to receive COVID-19 shots, as vaccination drives in states like Texas have stagnated. 

“Not on my watch!” Attorney General Ken Paxton tweeted in response to the president’s comments on Tuesday that “we need to go community-by-community, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, and oft times door-to-door, literally knocking on doors.” 

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, a San Antonio Republican, on Wednesday directed a tweet at Biden with a play on the “Come and Take It” flag that shows an image of a syringe with the words “Come Inject It.” In a separate tweet, the congressman said he thought a door-to-door push would be unconstitutional, as such an approach was “only really contemplated in Constitution for the census.” 

“Don’t knock on my door to ask about vaccines…or anything else,” U.S. Rep. Pat Fallon, a Sherman Republican, tweeted. He said there are “BIG red flags anytime the federal government is ‘going door to door.’” 

Here is the entire Chron read: ‘Not on my watch’: Texas Republicans buck Biden’s door-to-door vaccine drive (houstonchronicle.com). 

Utterly disgusting. The GOP has murdered so many the past sixteen months. Shame on them. The GOP has surrendered assisting with saving lives and promoting public health.  They are a cult for sure. 

I went over 100,000 miles on my ride yesterday on I-10 on my way to Baytown.  I have had my ride since August of 2014. Nearly seven years. It is a Ford Escape.  I think it is still in great condition.  The AC works fine.  Same for sound system.  The interior is leather, and it looks A-Okay. I have thought about getting me a new ride, but why? I don’t think I have ever had a ride that went past 100,000 miles. 

My first ever car was a VW bug convertible.  Then I had a Ford sedan.  Then I had a Pontiac. Then a Ford Bronco II.  Then a couple of Ford Explorers. Then a Ford Escape Hybrid.  Now this ride. As you can tell, I keep my rides for a while. Usually until they give out. One was stolen and stripped to a worthless pile of junk.  Two were totaled.   

Gov. Greg Abbott is a horrible piece of sh_t. He is vile. Insecure. Weak. Punkarse. Sad. Miserable. Skunk. Despicable. Turd. Joke. 

CNN will be airing a series on sitcoms starting this Sunday.  I have a few favorites. “I Love Lucy”, “Beverly Hillbillies”, “Dick Van Dyke”, “Mary Tyler Moore”, “All in the Family”, “Sanford and Son”, “Happy Days”, “Barney Miller” and “Big Bang Theory” to name a few. 

Al Spangler is 88 today.  Who is Al Spangler? He was on the Colt .45s Opening Day lineup in 1962 in our regular season MLB debut. He batted second and played center field. He also had the club’s first ever RBI when he knocked in Bob Aspromonte with a triple in the opener. His career lasted from 1959 – 1971.  He played with us from 1962 – 1965.  He also played with The ATL when they were in Milwaukee, the Angels and the Cubbies. 

Former Astros catcher and announcer Alan Ashby is 70 today. 

Former Astros outfielder Terry Puhl is 65 today. 

Happy Birthday to all. 

We are back to having the second best record in MLB and the best record in the AL.  We also have a five and a half-game lead over the A’s. 

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