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Sir Ringo

The special session starts tomorrow.  We still don’t have a starting time or an agenda.  To Texas GOPers.  Your governor is a clown. 

The front page of today’s hard copy of the Chron has the lead headline with this: 

Abbott orders changes for grid 

A few weeks ago, Gov. Greg Abbott said the grid was fine. 

To Texas GOPers.  Your governor is a clown. 

The Texas House Speaker announced a super legislative committee of sorts that is supposed to handle most of the special session items including the racist voter suppression bill.  Not included on the committee was the House Speaker’s mistake, err House Elections Committee Chair Briscoe Cain.  Cain bungled the racist voter suppression bill in the regular session, so he’s been benched to put it mildly. 

Chris Tomlinson, the Chron’s business columnist, has a very good write-up today. Here are parts: 

Employers are finding it harder to exploit low-wage workers, and boy does that get the folks in the C-suites worked up. 

Business news headlines scream about a worker shortage, and conservatives complain that COVID-19 pandemic aid keeps people at home. But there’s another way of looking at it: American workers will refuse to work for lousy wages in exploitative environments when given a little breathing room. 

And this: 

American workers, in other words, are fed up. They are fed up with poor pay, bad treatment and lousy support systems, particularly in health and child care. So if an employer is having a hard time finding workers, their takeaway should be that they need to offer better working conditions. 

No one can predict how long workers will have the upper hand in employment negotiations, but this period is undoubtedly fascinating from an economist’s perspective. After 30 years of watching the rich capture almost all of the newly created wealth, seeing workers demand better is refreshing. 

Here is the entire column: Tomlinson: After COVID, workers want better conditions to return to work (houstonchronicle.com). 

Good, good, good. 

Ringo Starr is 81 today. Wow! Hope he celebrates with a little help from his friends in the octopus’s garden. Happy Birthday, Sir Richard! 

Yordan Alvarez was on paternity leave the past few days. He now has a son named Jordan.  Yordan was back in the line-up last night and had two dingers and five RBIs and we now have a four and a half game lead over the A’s in the AL West. 

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