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Just a reminder. The GOP led insurrection was six months ago today.

Commentary has said it before. Gov. Greg Abbott is the lousiest governor of Texas since I have been paying attention to governors for the past five decades or so. He said he was going to call a special session in a couple of days, but we still don’t know what time it will start and what is on the call. For sure he is being spooked by his two GOP primary opponents. Pi_s poor leadership.  Immaturity on full display. What an areshole.

Sigh.  This does not need to happen.  From the Chron: 

In-person services have been canceled this week at Clear Creek Community Church after more than 125 kids and adults tested positive for COVID-19 upon returning from a five-day camp, church officials said. 

More than 450 people, including 6th through 12th graders, participated in Camp Creek from June 23 to June 27. In a Facebook post, the church did not provide the exact number of people who tested positive but said “hundreds more” were exposed to the virus at the camp. Infected campers also likely exposed members of their household, the church said. 

The Galveston County Health District said it was notified of the first positive case on June 27. As of Friday afternoon, the health district identified 20 Galveston County residents who tested positive after the camp. Updated numbers were not avialable on Monday. 

“This is a reminder that COVID-19 is still here and we have to take precautions,” said Dr. Philip Keiser, Galveston County’s Local Health Authority. “If you’re old enough to get vaccinated and haven’t, now is the time. These vaccines are safe and offer the best protection against COVID-19 to you, your family and your community.” 

Here is the entire read: COVID outbreak at Houston-area church camp infects more than 125 (houstonchronicle.com). 

There are a lot of ignorant dumbsh_ts out there. That’s why I will continue to wear masks in most instances. 

Royko sent me this on my take on the H-Town Mayor and possible ballot initiatives: 

Why should Turner care about optics as he is term limited. He already has a taxpayer-funded park named after him. And, the Burning, Looting Maoists still love him. 

The Mayor might want to run for another office.  Of course, the H-Town Mayor position is pretty much a dead-end gig. 

The A’s are in town for three.  We have played them ten times this season.  We’ve won seven of the ten.   

This year’s MLB All Star Game watch party for season ticket holders will be held at Saint Arnold. Cool. 

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