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I was in Baytown yesterday and a Siete Foods package arrived at my Dad’s. It was four jars of Siete Salsa – their new product. Two each of red and a green. On the label is an image of my sister, Aida.  Under her mug shot is this quote: “Inspired by our Mom, Aida, the life of the party.” Cool. 

Who else has their image on their product other than Paul Newman?

Included in the package was a card that mentions my Mom’s homemade salsa that she always kept in the fridge. It was kickarse salsa for sure.  Commentary has said before that finding a good salsa in a jar isn’t easy.  I mentioned a few weeks ago about finally getting Alex Bregman’s Breggy Bomb Salsa.  It is so-so.  

Much to my delight, when I got home last night, a Siete Foods package was on my doorstep.  

I am looking forward to trying the Siete Salsa this weekend.

Remember when Texas’ slogan was the friendly state. How about the book banning state? Sigh. Here is from the Chron: 

AUSTIN — The Texas history museum on Thursday abruptly pulled out of an event scheduled for that night on a new book that re-examines the story of The Alamo, prompting claims of state censorship from its authors. 

The authors of “Forget the Alamo: The Rise and Fall of an American Myth,” had planned to participate in the online discussion, co-hosted by the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum and the Writers’ League of Texas. 

Around 4 p.m., they were told the museum had backed out under pressure from its board of directors and conservatives who have taken issue with the book’s findings. 

The board of directors includes Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Speaker Dade Phelan, all Republicans. 

The Writers’ League of Texas offered to press on with the event, but with most of the registration handled through the Bullock’s website, the authors said they were forced to reschedule. 

“I think we’re being censored, which is a shame because the mission of the Texas history museum is to promote examining our past,” said Chris Tomlinson, one of the authors and a columnist at the Houston Chronicle. “We’ve done more than a dozen events, and this is the first time we’ve been shut down like this.” 

In the book, which was published last month, Tomlinson and co-authors Bryan Burrough and Jason Stanford assert that the common narrative about the Battle of the Alamo — that 180 Texan rebels died defending the state in its war for independence from Mexico — overlooks the fact that it was waged in part to ensure slavery would be preserved. 

Here is the entire read: Texas history museum pulls out of event on book re-examining Alamo ‘myth’ (houstonchronicle.com). 

What is in the book is not new or news. It is just that the three authors got it organized and put it in a book for folks to read. That apparently has folks like Abbott, Patrick and Phelan riled up.  Those guys are drunk with power. 

Commentary has said it before. Growing up by the San Jacinto Monument got me interested in Texas history at a way early age. What I was exposed to early on changed quite a bit as I explored and learned. It has evolved a ton from the Fess Parker playing Davy Crockett in the 1950s Walt Disney production. In the series, he is the last man standing on the wall of the Alamo swinging at Mexicans with his musket. Heck, they don’t even show him die. 

I have mentioned before the John Wayne flick “The Alamo” that was historically inaccurate.  A good watch but flawed.  

Remember the Billy Bob Thornton Davy Crockett? 

It is impossible to whitewash Texas history. This book banning incident just got more folks interested.

I dropped by the Kroger in Baytown yesterday. More and more folks are going without masks.  I am going to keep mine on when I am out. Too many dumbsh_ts still out there. 

Commentary correctly predicted that no Astros would be elected as an AL All Star team starter. Too much hate is out there. Now let’s see how many get selected to be on the team.  We certainly have more than a handful that are worthy. 

It was nice to see that win in Cleveland last night. How about that Jose Altuve grand salami?   

More and more folks will be out this weekend celebrating the Fourth of July. Stay safe. 

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