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Bleeping Morons

From the Fu_king Morons Department.  The North Carolina State baseball team was forced to exit the College World Series this past weekend because of COVID-19 issues. Here is from this past weekend’s Chron: 

After the game on Friday, North Carolina State coach Elliott Avent grew frustrated and wouldn’t answer directly when asked if he or the baseball program encouraged players to be vaccinated. 

“My job is to teach them baseball, make sure they get an education and keep them on the right track forward,” he said. “But I don’t try to indoctrinate my kids with my values or my opinions. Obviously, we talk about a lot of things. But these are young men that can make their own decisions and that’s what they did.” 

Avent rolled his eyes when asked if he’s been vaccinated. 

“If you want to talk baseball, we can talk baseball,” he said. “If you want to talk politics or stuff like that, you can go talk to my head of sports medicine, Rob Murphy.” 

Here is the entire Chron read: NC State out of College World Series due to COVID-19 issues; Vanderbilt advances (houstonchronicle.com). 

It would only make sense that a team would have all its players vaccinated as quick as possible.  They were asking for it in my book.  They have no one to blame but themselves.  Dumbarses. No sympathy from Commentary.   

@elena_cabral is a journalist and she tweeted this yesterday: 

Hey @CNN ,stop cutting away from pressers in Miami when officials speak Spanish. They aren’t doing this for “local media” as you keep saying. They do it for a much broader audience, including bilinguals like me. This is why we need #MoreLatinosinNews.

I have noticed that the past few days.  Here’s the deal.  Are Spanish language only viewers watching CNN’s news coverage of the building collpase?  I don’t think so. 

From the Chron and I guess congrats are in order: 

The Harris County Democratic Party on Sunday elected Odus Evbagharu as its new chair, according to a news release.  

Evbagharu (Eh-va-GHA-ro), 28, who currently serves as a Texas House of Representatives chief of staff, is the youngest person and the first African American to hold the position, the party said in the release. He will fulfill the unexpired term of Lillie Schechter, who stepped down June 16 after four years of service.   

“I am humbled and overwhelmed. Precinct Chairs are an integral part of the political process and I look forward to working with those who supported me and earning the trust of those who didn’t,” Evbagharu said in the release. “Our party is continuing a trend of electing young progressives to lead in Houston and Harris County. Changes are coming, but the goal is the same —  we’ll be working hard to elect Democrats to impact communities and fight for Texans.” 

I don’t know the fella.  Good luck. 

Royko sent me this on Bill King and the SAM Party: 

Sadly BK is chasing windmills. 

Republicans went for Perot in 1992, and we ended up with “Slick Willy,” the Commander-in-Heat, and the evil Hillary for 8 years where the first thing they did was to get the FBI files on the elected officials to leverage them. He allowed the N.Koreans to establish their nuclear weapons program, and for the CHICOM’s to get MIRV and submarine technology. And, that big sucking sound from NAFTA. 

That likely will not happen again. The DemonRats are the fractured Party, controlled by the Maoists. 

Fractured? GOP Congressional leaders think January 6 doesn’t exist.  

MLB.com has a piece on the surprise players for each team this season.  Here is our surprise:  

Astros: Luis Garcia 
The Astros knew he had great stuff, but who in the world could have counted on him to be a rotation mainstay? 

I can’t disagree. 

Here is the deal on June 28.  We have played 78 games.  39 at The Yard and 39 on the road.  We have a two game lead in the AL West.  We have the best record in the AL and second best in MLB.  Starting this evening we host B’More for three.  The team informed me Friday that my opt out option is over starting July 6.  Play ball, I guess. 

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