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Border Politics

I saw this in today’s Chron: 

Nearly half of Texas Republican voters say they do not plan to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, according to new polling released Thursday by Quinnipiac University. 

That is why I still wear a mask when I am out. 

Vice President Kamala Harris will be going to the border today. For the past two or three months, some have been calling her out for not going to the border.  Now she is going.  Now some of those that have been calling her out are saying she is going to the wrong part of the border. Shut up! 

Here is from a Chron Op-Ed from today authored by Texas Democratic State Senators  César J. Blanco, Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa and Judith Zaffirini: 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently held a press conference to announce his plans to build a physical border wall with state taxpayer dollars. He also indicated a new approach to charge immigrants and asylum seekers with state crimes to create a criminal record and jail them. At the press conference, Abbott was surrounded by lawmakers from various parts of the state, but not a single lawmaker who joined him represents a border community. 

Because border lawmakers live and work on the border every day, we understand the concerns of our constituents and the challenges our communities face. In our representative government, we should be at the table discussing issues that impact our districts. For whatever reason, we were omitted from major policy discussions related to the border. We support legal immigration, not open borders, and have supported transparent, accountable and smart border security for years. 

Lawmakers from both political parties agree border security is a federal responsibility. For years, however, Texas has supplemented federal efforts by spending billions of state taxpayer money on this federal responsibility, instead of on other pressing state needs. Last session, for example, Texas appropriated another $1.1 billion for border security. None of that money was earmarked for a border wall. 

Here is the entire Op-Ed: Opinion: A border security plan should get input from border lawmakers (houstonchronicle.com). 

Not once did Gov. Abbott call for a border wall during the just completed legislative session.  Not one penny of the state budget that was adopted last month is earmarked for a wall.   

What has happened?  Abbott’s insecure.  His handling of the pandemic and the Big Freeze have hurt his polling numbers.  His base is made up of Donald Trump crazies.  He is being challenged within his own party.  Permitless carry, racist voter suppression and now the border wall will help him with the loonies.  This is a new low coming from a Texas governor. 

I won’t even mention a press aide to GOP AG Ken Paxton quitting because she didn’t want to go to the border without security of something like that.  I guess the state budget didn’t include vests for the AG’s office. 

Remember earlier this week when my pal Kris Banks tweeted this about Bill King and his SAM party:  

Does anyone still care what this person says or does 

The front page of the hard copy of the Houston Chronicle does.  See this: 

During the 2006 race for Texas governor, Republican incumbent Rick Perry cruised to a nine-point win over Democrat Chris Bell. 

Despite the comfortable margin, Perry received hundreds of thousands fewer votes than other GOP statewide incumbents, many of whom defeated their opponents by more than twice Perry’s margin that year. 

Siphoning votes from Perry and Bell were two independents: then-comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn and musicial humorist Kinky Friedman, who combined for more than 30 percent. 

Earlier this week, former Houston mayoral candidate Bill King — an independent whose published works include a book titled “Unapologetically Moderate” — filed paperwork to launch a new political party called the Serve America Movement Party, which aims to capture the types of voters who opted against the major-party candidates in 2006. 

The new party, abbreviated as SAM, is generally targeting moderates who believe the Democratic and Republican parties have moved too far in either direction, but have little choice but to pick a side every election cycle under the nation’s firmly entrenched two-party system. 

“Even way back in 2006, when given the alternative, Texans said, you know, I would kind of like something different than what we’ve been doing,” King said. “I mean, you think about how much worse it is now than it was back then.” 

King, who is serving as party chairman, formed the organization as a branch of the national SAM Party, which formed in 2017 and has also set up shop in Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania. 

Here is the entire read: Bill King’s SAM Party aims to break through two-party system as moderate alternative in Texas (houstonchronicle.com). 

I am ok with this as long as it takes more votes away from the GOP. 

The Astros’ radio announcer will start traveling with the team after the All Star Game break. The TV announcers will not travel with the team this season. 

The Cubbies tossed a no-no against the Dodgers last night.  That’s seven no-nos this season and we haven’t even reached the halfway point. 

We have now won eleven in a row. Yordan had a grand salami last night.  The team batting average is .281 which is the best in MLB.  The Blue Jays have the second best team batting average with .261.  Winning is fun. 

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