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Some Care

My friend Bill King tweeted this a couple of days ago: 

Later today I will be driving to Austin to file the paperwork to form the SAM Party of Texas.  I will serve as its founding state party chair. 

Jasper Scherer of the Chron tweeted this afterwards: 

Ex-Houston mayor candidate @BillKingHouston says he’s filing paperwork today to form the Serve America Party of Texas, which describes itself as “current & former Democrats, Republicans, & independents who have come together w/ a common goal – to fix our broken politics in Texas” 

My pal Kris Banks then tweeted this about Bill: 

Does anyone still care what this person says or does 

Well, Jasper did. 

Erica Grieder of the Chron also cares.  Check out how she starts her column today: 

Organizers of a new political party in Texas want to take advantage of voters’ disgust with partisan politics and turn their anger into a force in upcoming elections. 

“I think you can have dramatic investment in public schools and have robust school choice; you can see Roe v Wade as protecting a woman’s right to choose, but also establishing the state’s interest in viability,” said David Jolly, the former Florida congressman and executive director of the nationwide Serve America Movement, when we met on Sunday evening at Maggiano’s. 

“Neither party will allow these conversations,” he said pointedly. 

“There’s no nuance,” agreed Bill King, the former Kemah mayor and businessman who’s now the chair of the SAM Party of Texas, the Serve America Movement’s iteration in this state. 

Both are convinced that the problems in our politics have less to do with the Democratic or Republican parties than with the duopoly itself, or the “two-party doom loop,” as King put it in a recent op-ed. He argued that both parties benefit from the polarization and ideological stridency that left many Texans as exasperated as he was, watching this year’s edition of the Texas Legislature. 

Here is all of Grieder’s column: New “big tent” party in Texas might have a real role in statewide political landscape (houstonchronicle.com). 

That’s funny.  Jasper and Erica really don’t care what Kris says. That’s funny. 

Like it or not, Bill is one of the smartest guys in these parts. He has made it pretty clear that he has had it with the two-party system.  I may not agree with him, but he makes good points. 

Here in Texas, statewide, we only have a one-party system and that is getting pretty old. 

Nine in a row. Nine in a row. 

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