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Hey, today’s a federal holiday. Everyone knows that I grew up Baytown, which is down the road from Galveston. I have tried my darndest to be a student of history throughout my life.  I didn’t learn about Juneteenth growing up.  I am pretty sure I learned it from the late and former State Rep. Al Edwards and his dogged pursuit in making it a state holiday. 

I remember some saying way back then that what is up with Rep. Al Edwards always promoting Juneteenth.  The answer is today.  Have a nice Juneteenth Weekend! 

It’s official. Pasadena City Council District B Member-Elect Bianca Valerio will be the first Latina to ever serve on the Pasadena City Council.  Just think about that.  Congrats are in order.  So cool.  I am glad to have had a part in her win. 

A couple of days ago I said this:  

The H-Town Mayor has tweeted this more than once: 

I would be very reluctant to sign any petition that would force something on the ballot unless you fully understand the cost. There is nothing wrong saying “no thank you”. St 

The Dean signed the petition yesterday. Here’s from The Dean’s FB: 

Proud to sign and support Houston fire fighters petition to hold a referendum on their right to binding arbitration. Arbitration works. 

That’s funny. 

This thing with the Houston Firefighters should have been handled in 2016 – period.  This is ridiculous that it hasn’t been worked out.  It is going to be difficult to demonize the Firefighters.  Remember, folks.  They were on the front lines during the pandemic. 

Gov. Greg Abbott has lost it.  Off the deep end. Bonkers. He has taken cruelty to a stratospheric level.  He’s ordered the prison folks to get a prison ready for migrants.  Yep.  He’s a POS for sure. Don’t even argue with me. POS. 

Happy Birthday today to Sir Paul.  It is now 15 years since he was 64.   The Beatles Channel on SiriusXM will be playing his tunes all day today.

The Astros had another impressive win last night.  They are definitely playing good baseball. 

Ok. So, you are dying to know. The only MLB Hall of Fame great with a Juneteenth BD is Lou Gehrig. 

Original Astro/Colt 45 player with a Juneteenth BD is Bob Aspromonte. 

Former Astros and now Rays pitcher Collin McHugh has a Juneteenth BD as well as Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom. Now you know. 

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