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Congratulations to Pasadena City Council District B Member-Elect Bianca Valerio for her impressive win last night winning 65% of the vote.  Commentary was proud to help her out.  Bianca is a young hardworking woman who will make valuable contributions to her community.  I am betting we will be hearing a lot from her from here on out. Just watch.

Jonathan Estrada also won his runoff race for Pasadena City Council District E.  He won with 57% of the votes cast.

The H-Town Mayor has tweeted this more than once:

I would be very reluctant to sign any petition that would force something on the ballot unless you fully understand the cost. There is nothing wrong saying “no thank you”. St

I won’t say it again.

Texas Monthly came out with the Ten Best and Worst Texas State Legislators.  The Senate Democrats made the Worst list.  The folks who wrote up the list obviously know a lot more about what just happened in the legislature than Commentary.  They were there and I wasn’t.  One Democratic state representative got on the Best list and we got to know in the Texas Monthly piece that he wears a lot of cologne.  That’s important. Got it?

Here is what the Chron E-Board said today about the ERCOT mess:

“In Texas, it’s a policy failure of Republicans who lead this state.”


We were down one run with two outs in the bottom of the ninth and Carlos Correa ties it with a dinger.  On to extras.

Jose Altuve hits a grand salami, and we win it in ten.  A nice walk-off.

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