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Ned Beatty

There was a mass shooting Friday night, a few blocks away from a building where they passed permitless carry a few weeks ago.

It looks like former Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman will be running for Texas AG in the GOP Primary. Interesting.

You have to say it is refreshing to have President Joe Biden meet with his G-7 and NATO partners and not embarrass the country and not say stupid stuff. It is so normal. 

Ned Beatty left us yesterday. I loved him in “Deliverance”, “Superman”, “Superman II”, and “Network.”  If you have ever seen “Deliverance”, that groundbreaking scene of his is one of the most excruciating I have ever watched.  He was also the voice of Lotso, that no good stuffed bear, in “Toy Story 3”, who gets tied to a trucker’s grille at the end of the movie. 

GOP State Rep. Briscoe Cain tweeted this yesterday: 

Stop with the fist bumping and shake some hands. 

Fu_king moron.  Why tweet something like that.  

Sounds like the fella is trying to do a macho thing. 

This pandemic has gotten a lot of us to think about how we go about business around folks.  Hugging and handshakes might be a thing of the past for some folks.  I certainly am not ready to shake hands and hugs and stuff. 

A lot of folks still have not gotten the vaccine. A lot more of Rep. Cain’s political persuasion. Who would want to shake this fella’s hand anyway? 

Remember, this is one of the fellas who was behind the racist voter suppression bill that has stuff in it that now nobody wants to claim credit for. Fu_king moron. 

When it comes to billboard policy in H-Town, I am inclined to listen to what the folks at Scenic Houston have to say.  I find it interesting that I am learning about a new billboard policy for H-Town from the Chron E-Board today.  Usually there is news story first before the E-Board weighs in.  Maybe there was a story,  but I missed it. 

Go get you a hard copy and educate yourself on what is being considered or maybe you can read it here: Editorial: Sign of trouble? Mayor Sylvester Turner is eyeing giant new digital billboards for Houston. (houstonchronicle.com). 

I don’t know about this proposed billboard policy. I am not a fan of any kind of billboards – digital included. 

Today is Flag Day where we celebrate the United States Flag, the Stars and Stripes – period. 

I am sure this has happened to a bunch of folks and maybe you.  It looks like both of my next-door neighbors are moving.  I saw a couple of moving fans in front of one of my neighbor’s house on Friday and I asked her if they were moving, and she said yep.  They are closing today.  This past weekend a truck pulled up to my other neighbor’s house and dropped off one of those moving pods.  I think they are moving out of the state.   

The Astros went 6-3 on their roadie.  The have the best offense in baseball.  Did I say they got 20 base hits yesterday?  It was a fun game to watch. Did I say they scored 14 runs yesterday? They have today off. 

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