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New York, New York

Just so you know, Lisa Minnelli, Judy Garland’s daughter, was the first to record the tune “New York, New York” back in 1977. It was recorded a couple of years later by Frank Sinatra. 

When it comes to the mayoral race in New York City, I don’t know who I am supposed to root for.  One of the leading contenders, Eric Adams, is getting hit pretty good for living in New Jersey.  He says he lives in New York. Andrew Yang also has a bunch of detractors.  Both are at the top of polling.

Here is from Politico: 

NEW YORK — With only two weeks left before the Democratic primary in New York City, two women stand to do something that hasn’t happened since the city’s founding in the 17th century: Get elected mayor. 

A late surge in the polls by Kathryn Garcia, the former city sanitation commissioner, has boosted her into the top tier of candidates. And a series of events over the weekend pushed another woman, former mayoral counsel Maya Wiley, toward the top of the field. Wiley’s endorsement Saturday by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), one of the country’s most prominent progressive voices, came less than a day after a second woman accused rival liberal candidate Scott Stringer of sexual misconduct. 

Now, with less than a week until early voting starts, the Democratic primary remains a jump ball. While Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams dominated a poll released Monday by NY1 and Ipsos, it shows Garcia in a statistical tie for second with Andrew Yang, who spent months leading the pack but has since fallen behind. Wiley placed fifth in the poll, but it was conducted before the latest accusations against Stringer and before a host of left-leaning luminaries followed Ocasio-Cortez into the Wiley camp. 

Should either of the women pull it out, they’re all but certain to go on to become mayor of New York, where Democrats have a 7 to 1 voter registration advantage and Republicans have not put up a credible contender. 

The surge for Garcia and Wiley comes as women have embraced a strategic shift in how they campaign that has played well in recent legislative races in New York, but has yet to break through to the top job — either in the city or in Albany. 

I guess I will root for the women. 

Why are we not surprised that GOP AG Ken Paxton is now being investigated by the State Bar of Texas for filing the lawsuit after the election to overturn the results in certain states. 

Just like we are not surprised that the richest folks in the USA pay about the same amount of income taxes as the rest of us.  AG Merrick Garland said yesterday that he was going to make it a priority to find out who gave the tax info to Pro Publica. I am glad Pro Publica is providing us a public service. Sorry, Mr. AG.

From Greg Shaw on my take yesterday on the poll in Texas that has more folks liking President Joe Biden’s approach on immigration than Gov. Greg Abbott’s approach on immigration: 


With all of the respect that your history as a consultant (and insights which I look forward to checking daily), this sounds like one of those polls which led many to believe in October of last year that: 

Texas House would flip Blue. 

M.J. would beat Big John & Biden would carry Texas. 

This is bad. 

If the border is the same in November of 2022 as it is today, it will be a red blood bath. 

Maybe folks are still smarting over Abbott’s handling of the pandemic and the Big Freeze. I think Abbott’s stock has fallen. We will see.

Judy Garland would be 99 today.  She left us at age 47 in 1969.  She was one of the best.  Her “Over the Rainbow” is always listed as the top movie tune of all time.  TCM is showing some of her flicks this morning and afternoon including “For Me and My Gal” and “A Star is Born.”  No “Judgement at Nuremberg” and no “Wizard of Oz.” 

Red Sox fans have really been booing Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Carlos Correa and Yuli Gurriel.  It’s not working.  We won again at Fenway last night.  We wrap our season series with the Red Sox this evening. 

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