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Spider Tack

This does not surprise me.  This is what happens when Gov. Greg Abbott goes all in with Donald Trump on immigration.  Check this from the Chron: 

WASHINGTON — Texans back President Joe Biden’s approach to immigration over Gov. Greg Abbott’s by nearly 10 percentage points, according to a new poll released as the clash between the governor and Biden administration over border policy continues to escalate. 

The poll, conducted at the end of May, found 44 percent of Texans approve of Biden’s handling of immigration compared to 35 percent who approve of Abbott’s. The online poll of 506 Texas residents was conducted by Spectrum News and Ipsos and had a margin of error of plus or minus 5.2 percentage points. 

Here is the entire Chron read: Most Texans back Biden over Abbott in border policy dispute, poll finds (houstonchronicle.com). 

That’s so funny.  

It was refreshing to watch Vice President Kamala Harris address the press yesterday from Mexico City on immigration.  The Biden-Harris administration is sincere in their efforts to work this through.  I can’t say that about Abbott.  If you watched the VP yesterday, you came away with a sense that they know what they are doing and that it is going to take some work.  It’s not this screaming and crap that folks like Abbott spew. 

Astros fans! Don’t feel bad about us being slapped by MLB for the 2017 so-called scandal.  Everybody cheats. We just got a tad better at it and got ratted out.   

It turns out the whiney Dodger and whiney Yankees are at the top of the cheating game when it comes to pitchers applying a foreign substance to baseballs to help their spin rates.  I am not going to explain what a spin rate is other than to say it gives the ball extra movement and makes it harder for batters to hit.  Got it? 

The go to substance for pitchers is Spider Tack I learned yesterday when former Astros and current Yankee pitcher Gerrit Cole all but admitted it yesterday.  MLB has known about this for a while and has been trying to figure out how to come down on pitchers.  A lot of pitchers I will say. 

I want to know if MLB is going to slap the Dodgers with a $5 million fine, take away their top draft picks, and suspend their skipper and GM. 

At least they can give the Astros some rags so we can remove the tarnish from our 2017 rings. 

Yuli Gurriel is 37 today.  Yuli is having a good season. He’s batting .333 with 42 RBIs. Happy Birthday, Yuli!

We won at Fenway last night. 

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