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Guzman for …

A couple of days ago, I was doing a mental exercise of sorts.  I was trying to name in my mind Texas GOP statewide elected officials who were not embarrassments.  Gov. Greg Abbott easily makes it on the embarrassment list.  Ditto Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.  Indicted and currently investigated AG Ken Paxton is on the list.  George P for sure.  Ag Commish Sid Miller has been on the list since forever. 

Texas Comptroller Glen Hegar isn’t.  He is in charge of handling the state’s funds, so it is not in his or the state’s interest to look stupid like the others.   

Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman announced her resignation yesterday.  Some are speculating that she may be preparing to run statewide.  Maybe for AG. She is from H-Town, but I have never met her.  She is conservative and I am sure she has ruled on a bunch of stuff I don’t agree on, but she hasn’t been dumbarse stupid like Abbott, Patrick, Paxton, Miller and P. She is not on the embarrassment list as of today. Of course, I don’t know if that helps her in a GOP primary in 2022. 

It very well may be Guzman for …. 

Yesterday, Texas State Sen. Dawn Buckingham announced for Texas Land Commissioner.  In her announcement statement she said she was pro-life.  I didn’t know the Land Commissioner dealt with abortion issues.  Did you? 

Some of us now know Paxton Smith.  She is the high school valedictorian from North Texas who a week or so ago called out the latest abortion bill passed by the Texas legislature.  She got national news.  Then there are a couple of graduates who wore the flag from Mexico, and one had their diploma withheld.  Why?  Get over it.  It is one thing if they were wearing the ISIS flag, but Mexico?  

Commentary likes NBC News anchor Lester Holt.  I am disappointed that he bought into the GOP crap and asked Vice President Kamala Harris why she hasn’t been to the border.  The dumb question was in an interview that aired on “Today” this morning. 

The President Joe Biden administration is tackling this issue by dealing with root causes.  That’s why Vice President Harris is in Guatemala and Mexico. The administration has sent top officials to the border to meet with folks on the ground.  They know what they are doing.  Holt bought into the GOP crap.   

Let’s not forget, all the GOP wanted to do was to build a wall.  Nothing about really dealing with the issue.   

Some progressives this morning are not happy that the VP told folks from Central American not to come to the USA.  What else is she supposed to say? Don’t come yet? 

The cruise industry is preparing to start cruising again and they are going to require proof of COVID-19 vaccine from all passengers.  That make perfectly safety sense.  The idiot governors of Florida and Texas are touting new laws saying businesses can’t require proof of vaccines from customers.  I am thinking the cruise industry will easily win out on this one.  Did I say idiot governors? 

Methodist Hospital came through and fired employees for not getting their COVID-19 vaccines.  This happened yesterday. 

Commentary finally got a jar of Breggy Bomb Salsa.  It’s pricey.  It’s ok.  I hate to say this, but it is not anything special. 

We play our 60th game of the season this evening.  We played 60 regular games last season.  Just saying. 

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