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KPRC meteorologist Britta Merwin gave her last H-Town forecast this morning.  She logged off after seven years on the early morning news program.  I liked her a lot. I am certainly going to miss her.   

The Chair of the Texas GOP is resigning.  I really don’t give a rat’s arse. Do you? 

The Chron E-Board today is calling on Constable Alan Rosen to invite the FBI or Texas Rangers to investigate the allegations of sexual harassment.  Here is how today’s take starts: 

Of all the graphic allegations in a lawsuit by former Precinct 1 deputy constables who say they were molested and traumatized by superiors during ‘undercover’ prostitution stings, one episode in particular boggles the mind and turns the stomach. 

The former deputy constable alleges she was ordered in August of 2019 to make a massage appointment with a man who had recently been accused of raping her civilian colleague and then “wait to be sexually assaulted” before giving the signal for waiting officers to raid the establishment and arrest him. 

The lawsuit states that the woman “was sent in to disrobe with a known rapist, like a lamb to the slaughter, and allow him to assault her.” He did exactly that, says the lawsuit, which goes on to describe a disturbing scene: after the raid, as the alleged victim emerged traumatized from the massage parlor, she saw her upper-level boss, Constable Alan Rosen, and news crews assembling for a press conference to announce the arrest while she was forced to drive herself for a sexual assault exam. 

Here is the entire take: Editorial: Deputies alleging sex abuse in ‘bachelor party’ stings deserve outside investigation (houstonchronicle.com). 

I have to say I am a bit saddened.  I always thought Constable Rosen ran a good clean shop.  I am thinking a lot of local Democrats are also shocked.  I am also disappointed.  I reside in Rosen’s precinct. Sigh. 

We play the Toronto Blue Jays in Buffalo, New York this weekend.  The Blue Jays can’t play in Toronto because of the pandemic.  They played their home games during the first two months at their spring training site in Florida.  They just started playing in Buffalo at Sahlen Field.  The Jays played there last season too. 

From today’s Chron that you might find interesting:  

Sahlen Field will be the 55th stadium the Astros have played in as a visitor, including Estadio de Beisbol in Monterrey, Mexico. The ballpark they’ve visited most is Dodger Stadium (366 games), followed by Wrigley Field (356). They’ve played their highest number of road games in Cincinnati (421), but those were divided among Crosley Field (74), Riverfront Stadium (269) and Great American Ball Park (78). 

Now you know. 

We lost yesterday and went 5-4 on the homie against some pretty good teams. 

I don’t think #SpringerDinger will be playing for the Blue Jays this weekend. He is still dinged up. 

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