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Have I mentioned that Gov. Greg Abbott is a total clown?  He says he is going to defund the GOP controlled Texas Legislature.  Have I mentioned he is a clown?

I have said it before.  He is the lousiest Texas Governor I have ever witnessed.

Royko sent me this on Democratic Texas State House members killing the racist voter suppression bill a couple of nights ago:


For a century the racist Democrats rammed through legislation without a single Republican vote, such as the “Jim Crow” laws, and Republicans never fled to deny a quorum, like the underhanded Democrats who scurried like cockroaches to stop the effort to end institutionalized election fraud created by the Democrats.

How is the Arizona audit going?

The Chron has a hard copy front page story on the incompetence of George P.

The Chron also has a story on how it all went down during the final days of the Texas Legislative Session.

Commentary is hoping that Texas Democrats will use this downtime to regroup and tell folks the details of the racist voter suppression bill that was produced on the final weekend.  We need to get more Texans engaged.

Amid the crazy last week of the session, we got this bit of news that Lillie Schechter was resigning from her position as Harris County Democratic Party Chair.

That’s too bad.  She did a good job.

I wonder who the precinct chairs will pick to replace her.

I try to pay attention to history.  During Black History month, I try to absorb as much as possible. I didn’t know until this past year about the Tulsa Massacre.  What is up with that?

The Astros put it on the Red Sox yesterday and we still don’t have three regular starters who are all batting above .300.

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