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ID Theft

A couple of days ago, Commentary received a phone call from an out of state law enforcement agency asking me if I knew a certain person.  They wanted to know because they found my personal information in the possessions of the person. I asked what kind of info they found. The reply was social security number, address, landline phone number, and other info. They produced the correct last four digits of my social and my correct DOB.  They were wrong on an address.  I said I didn’t know the person and they said they would be filing charges on the person.

After I hung up, it kind of gnawed on me the rest of the evening.  Yesterday, I called the law enforcement officer back and he explained to me how they got the info.  The person had a long criminal record. They had a search warrant for the person’s home because of suspected fraud.  They found a number of notebooks that contained the personal info of tons of folks including Commentary.

He discussed with me how these folks get this info.  It was a quickie course on ID thievery. I was like flabbergasted. He said he would take a photo of my info and text it to me.  I got it and the page was handwritten and contained my social, a couple of addresses – one was incorrect, the names of my credit card bank, with limit info but no credit card number, my mortgage company and balance, DOB and other info, some correct and some not.

It looked like the info was a few years old based on the balance of my mortgage. Looking at the info gave me a scary feeling. Wow.

Based on my current credit score, I don’t think a loan was taken out, a car was bought, credit cards ordered, or a 100-inch TV was purchased on credit with my personal info.

I will say that I have always thought that my personal info was out there and had already been snatched up by someone.  I was right.

A GOP member of Congress said yesterday that the Trump insurrectionists were just tourists. Ok.

Another GOP member of Congress said yesterday that the Trump insurrectionists were being harassed by the Department of Justice. Got it.

It is going to be fun watching Cong. Liz Cheney duke it out with those who don’t believe President Joe Biden won last November.

Those that don’t believe President Biden won fair and square lack moral authority. Period.

I mistakenly said the homie ended last night.  I actually thought we would be playing four in Arlington starting this evening. The Rangers are in town for four.

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