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Commentary is not going to bestow hero status on U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney for telling the truth.  Just like I won’t bestow it on Sen. Mitt Romney.  I wouldn’t even call them courageous for standing up to Donald Trump and the GOPers in Congress who have their noses up Trump’s arse.  What is so courageous about being honest?

Don’t get me wrong.  I respect both of them and I would nod my head to both if I ran into them.  I just don’t think their actions deserve a medal.

Trump and his GOP loyalists in Congress have 70% of GOP voters believing that November 3, 2020 never happened.  Think about that. Cong. Cheney and Sen. Romney and like-minded GOPer are in a difficult situation.

I go back to this.  This didn’t just happen overnight.  Stay tuned.

It is good to see President Joe Biden’s administration step up front and center and figure this pipeline hacking stuff out.  They don’t run from challenges like Trump’s folks did.

Commentary is not going to get bent out of shape if critical race theory isn’t taught in schools. Kids are going to learn it anyway on the flat screen, movies, social media or on the streets.  Then they are going to say that they couldn’t believe that those GOP arseholes in the 2021 Texas Legislature left this out of our schools.

Meanwhile, Chron business columnist Chris Tomlinson has a take on ERCOT today and here is how it ends:

To sum up, millions of Texans spent days without power on the coldest nights in a generation and will likely end up overpaying more than $20 billion for the privilege by the time all is said and done. We are paying for our leaders’ decision to withhold regulatory authority from state agencies and underfund their ability to ensure a coordinated energy supply chain.

A few weeks after the Texas Blackout, I wrote that we needed time to investigate why ERCOT ordered blackouts that lasted days and left nearly 200 people dead, according to a Houston Chronicle accounting.

The picture is becoming clearer, though there are probably more disturbing revelations to come. But as the Texas Legislature moves into its final days, our elected officials are doing nothing to fix the underlying problems. This can happen again.

The tiger is still on the loose and getting hungry.

We won last night.  We end the homie this evening

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