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The Texas House last night debated a bill on pandemic authority.  You know, what the Governor and local officials can and can’t do during a pandemic.  The proposed legislation is called the Pandemic Response Act. For the past 15 months, Commentary has watched it all unfold. I have commented on it.  It really isn’t about the authority on the books, it is how you utilize the authority.  Commentary doesn’t believe we need to change the laws that govern authority.  It’s some of the folks that are carrying out the authority that need to be replaced.

In the case of the Governor’s powers, Gov. Greg Abbott just folded in the face of pushback.  In the case of Judge Lina Hidalgo, she has remained steady and has stayed the course.   Abbott told us he was going to listen to the doctors then he didn’t.  Judge Hidalgo is still listening to the medical experts.

Abbott went the cowardly route and imposed his authority over Judge Hidalgo.  Judge Hidalgo made do with what she was left with.

Chumps like Donald Trump and Gov. Abbott botched the handling of the pandemic.  They had the tools to act, they just mishandled the response. In Trump’s case, it was about how it would impact his 2020 reelection campaign.  In Gov. Abbott’s case, it was being afraid of the far, far right wingers of his GOP.

The laws don’t need changing.  Gov. Abbott’s cowardly actions are the reason some want them changed.

The Chron E-Board today takes on State Rep. Harold Dutton for reviving a bill that goes after transgender kids.  Dutton did it out of spite because his feelings were hurt. Here is how the E-Board take starts:

Harold Dutton cares for kids. At least we thought he did.

And here is how it ends:

Harold Dutton cares for kids? Constituents who have believed him in the past should take care not to be fooled again.

I am thinking that a priority for Harris County Dems in the 2022 primary is to make sure Rep. Dutton isn’t reelected.

Royko sent me this on my take yesterday on folks getting increased pay:

They could start by forcing the minimum wage onto the political consultants, and not allow taxpayer money to go to lobbyists who work against the best interests of the taxpayers. bill

On all the campaigns I work, minimum pay is $15 an hour. I think that holds true for a lot of Democratic campaigns in the H-Town area that I know. It is pretty much the norm.

On taxpayer money going to lobbyists.  If the local voters don’t like local governments hiring lobbyists, the voters can vote out the local elected officials.  If the cities of H-Town and Pasadena want to hire lobbyists, why should legislators from Fort Worth or Lubbock deny them the ability to do so?  That’s overreach.

NBC announced yesterday that they wouldn’t be televising next year’s Golden Globe Awards because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association lacks color in their membership.  I wonder if NBC included the tune from their Sunday night “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color” series in their announcement.

Those of us who remember:

The world is a carousel of color,
Wonderful, wonderful color.
The world is a carousel of color.

It is a nice catchy tune.

Sigh. Last night’s game was frustrating to watch.  We needed clutch hitting.  Let’s hope we get it tonight

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