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A Tiger Walks

When I saw the bit on the tiger on the prowl in West H-Town yesterday, it brought back memories of Walt Disney’s “A Tiger Walks” with Brian Keith and Vera Miles.  It is about a tiger that escapes from a circus and folks from a small town freak out.  The flick came out like in 1964.  Brian Keith is no longer with us but Vera Miles is still around at 91 years old.

In the footage I saw on Twitter yesterday, the tiger wasn’t in attack mode, so it wasn’t hungry.  The other thing it got me to thinking, since it stays at someone’s home, what does its litter box look like?

I am sure someone has put out the footage with the tune “Tiger Rag”, you know “hold, that tiger.”

GOP legislators in the Texas Legislature were high fiving each on social media this past weekend for their work last week.  You know, advancing racist voter suppression laws and permitless carry.  Commentary doesn’t get all worked up.  Our numbers are slowly creeping up and despite these suppression efforts, we will one day prevail.  Sooner than you think.

These GOPer don’t have a respect for history.  History will not be kind to them.  They will be thrown into the same bunch that embraced the Big Lie and the insurrection and bought into this racist anti-democracy movement.  That will be their legacy, so high five all you want.

In the short term, they still have not addressed the Big Freeze of 2021. Remember. A few hundred folks died in Texas.

Commentary was browsing through the Official Cumulative Results Report that was issued by the Harris County Elections Administrator for the May 1 Uniform Elections and I noticed new columns.  There used to be four columns of totals: Absentee, Early, Election and Total.  Now there are six: Ballot by Mail replaces Absentee, Early Voting replaces Early, Election Day replaces Election, new is EV Provisional and ED Provisional, and Total stays the same.  EV must mean Early Voting and ED must mean Election Day.  It adds more preciseness. Commentary thinks this is a cool feature.  Of course, don’t be surprised if those GOP arsehole voter suppressors up at the Texas Legislature eliminate it in the next week or so.

It turns out the pandemic is letting us know a few things.  It is telling us to pay better wages or else.  Folks were disappointed in the jobs report that came out this past Friday.  We were short by about 800,000 jobs. Some GOPers complained that we need to eliminate expanded unemployment benefits.  Nope.  We just need to increase pay for folks.  Stop being greedy and cold hearted.  Pay folks more.

Alex Bregman is coming out with a salsa called Breggy Bomb Salsa.  I was at Kroger in Baytown yesterday and it isn’t on shelves yet.  Commentary has said it before.  It is tough to find a good salsa in a jar.

I spent yesterday with my Dad.  We watched the Astros beat the Blue Jays and “White House Down.”

The Angels minus Albert Pujols are in town for three.

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