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Fifth of May

Today is the Fifth of May.  We celebrate Mexico’s independence – NOT.  We drink Sirvaeysus.  We have chips and kayso, kaysadeas and tuhkeetos. Stay safe.

This past weekend we just conducted Uniform Local Elections in Harris County.  The drive thru option is very popular among voters. 15% of early voters in Harris County used the drive thru voter option last week.  Mostly from Kingwood, Humble and Pasadena.

Mail ballots have become a go to form of voting for our 65 and older citizens.  This past weekend the City of Humble and Humble ISD conducted elections.  15% of the voters voted by mail.  Most used a mail ballot application sent to them by Harris County.  Under HB 6, the County would be prohibited from sending unsolicited applications and in effect, disenfranchising older voters.

Now you know.

Royko sent me this on my take on sidewalk trash:

Wondering whose nests were feathered again with this contract?

It is kind of like did they run out of things to do at City Hall?

Houston Mayor’s Office or @houmayor put out this tweet:

Tomorrow, City Council will vote whether to place digital kiosks in our community. They will provide revenue, & help Houstonians & tourists find cultural events, restaurants and other services. The kiosks are not clutter. We want the best for Houston!

If you have to tweet to say the kiosks are not clutter, they are clutter.

Kuffer has more:

The embedded image is of one of these things in San Antonio, from a Scenic Houston action page to email your opposition to City Council. I get the concerns, especially about sidewalk space, and I agree that business owners should have a say in whether one of them is on their sidewalk. There are already colorful direction-oriented signs around downtown, which these would either supplement or supplant. I guess this would feel like less of a big deal if our bus stops had advertising on them, as they do in many other big cities. Honestly, my reaction is a shrug, perhaps because I just don’t see these things on the same level of ugliness as billboards. Maybe I’ll change my mind later, I don’t know. CM Sallie Alcorn is on record in the story as being opposed, while CM Ed Pollard is in favor. I predict someone will tag this, and then we’ll see what the rest of Council thinks. What’s your opinion? Campos, who does not like them, has more.

I was told they were tagged last week.  Only H-Town Council Member Karla Cisneros can tag it today, I was told.

Here is all of Kuffer: Downtown kiosks – Off the Kuff.

Commentary is not going to get worked up over this or call out anyone.  It does kind of go against the walkability streets thing and unobstructed sidewalks.

Maybe they should have given each kiosk a COVID-19 instant testing dispenser component and everyone would be Ok.  Oh, well.

We lost last night in the Bronx.  The Yankee fans booed their arses off.  There was an ugly collision at home plate. 

Have a safe Cinco De Mayo.

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