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Today is my good friend James Rodriguez’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, James!

James was on the H-Town City Council from 2008 through 2013.  He recently was serving as the Chief of Staff for Pasadena Mayor Jeff Wagner.

This past December, James asked me if I would consider handling Mayor Wagner’s re-election campaign. I said why not. I became an instant fan of the Mayor when after he was sworn-in in 2017, he dropped the City’s appeal of the voting rights lawsuit brought on by some Pasadena Latino citizens. The Mayor reaching out to bring on James was also a plus.

This came out last Friday on the day before the election in the Chron on the Pasadena mayoral contest:

After being sworn in as Pasadena’s mayor four years ago, Jeff Wagner vowed to be a unifying force in a city with a growing Latino population that often felt shortchanged when it came to political clout and city services.

“I stressed that if I became mayor, Pasadena was Pasadena to me. … What I meant was, we’re all in it together,” Wagner, a retired Houston police officer, told the Houston Chronicle in September 2017.

As Wagner seeks a second four-year term, it’s far from clear he has bridged the divisions in Pasadena, a working-class suburb of Houston that is also Harris County’s second-largest city.

Wagner did successfully push to settle a voting rights lawsuit after a federal judge ruled a city election plan intentionally discriminated against Hispanic voters. But his tenure has also been marked by feuding between Wagner and his council allies on one side and council members representing the city’s older, predominantly Latino north side on the other. Some have bristled at what they view as Wagner’s heavy-handed style of running council meetings.

And this:

He faces a challenge from David Flores, 37, a former city employee who runs a construction business. Flores said he would like to better represent the entire city and bring more transparency. He ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 2017; Wagner later prevailed in a runoff over banker John Moon.

And this:

Flores said he’s concerned about where city funds are directed and said the north side has been neglected.

The challenger said he also wants to see more transparency from the mayor’s office.

“It’s just time for the city to come together as a whole and not just a half,” he said, noting that he “literally” lives at the halfway point between the city’s north and south sides. “God willing, if y’all do give me an opportunity to win, there would be change.”

Mayor Wagner won this past Saturday with 80% of the vote.  He carried every precinct in the City.  I don’t think I am going out on a limb by saying getting 80% of the vote and winning every precinct is king of getting united support from the entire community.  I think you can also say that he is bridging the divisions or at least 80% of the bridge. I found that the Mayor is very popular across the City.

Heading into 2021, I wasn’t expecting to work on a campaign in Pasadena.  I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed working with the Mayor and his wife Ginny.  She is also very popular and well liked.

It was a good experience. Did I say 80%.

I also met a young dynamic candidate.  Bianca Valerio is running for Pasadena City Council, District B.  She led Saturday with 49%.  If she had gotten another 5 votes, she would have won without a runoff.  She is a hard worker.

Congratulations go to Paola Gonzalez Fusilier who won a seat on the Pasadena ISD School Board. 

MLB.com has a piece today on who is each team’s MVP after a month of baseball.  Yuli is ours and see this:

Every once in a while, we’ll see a solid player who explodes with his career year long after you expected him capable of it. Is this that year for Gurriel?

Alyson Footer’s MLB Power Ranking this week has us at number 5 and also see this:

Houston has had quite a stretch since dropping four of five on its road trip to Seattle and Colorado. In 11 games since, the Astros are 8-3 and there’s a trend there — in all three series, they’ve won all but the final game of each set. This week will be interesting — the Astros open a three-game series at Yankee Stadium, and they are slated to face their old teammate, Gerrit Cole, in the finale on Thursday.

Yankee fans going to hate tomorrow for sure.

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