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Leonel, Now Ed

Congratulations to my buddy Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.  He has to get confirmed then the going gets tough.  I texted some of my friends yesterday that we now have to remove our Abolish ICE bumper stickers.

Back in April of 1977, President Jimmy Carter nominated then Houston City Controller Leonel Castillo to serve as INS Commissioner.  Do I hear the theme from “Twilight Zone” playing in the background?  Just saying.

For what it is worth, I advised Leonel back in 1977 not to take the gig.  That was 44 years ago.

You get the picture. Of course, that was over four decades ago and hopefully, our thinking is a lot better.

From Royko on what I put out about Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and drive thru voting:

I am not a fan of “Lt. Dan,” although I find that by you merely you citing Kingwood and Pasadena having increases in drive thru voting doesn’t disprove Patrick’s comments.

Neither Kingwood or Pasadena are known to have statistically high numbers of black residents. Insofar as Latino, the media has used “White” to classify some Hispanics. Second, how many of the Latinos of color in Pasadena are legal voters?

There was a 2018 study that I read where Black households are least likely to have access to a vehicle. People of color overall are least likely to have access to a vehicle in highly urbanized areas.

Further, illegal immigrant households for all racial and ethnic groups are more likely to lack access to a vehicle compared to their US-born counterparts.

How many of those who entered the drive thru had their vote actually processed this time to be properly recorded?

Commentary doesn’t go around Pasadena and asking Latinos of color if they are legal voters.  Those that do vote are legal voters.

The voter suppression bills are racist crap. We all know that. GOP legislators in Austin don’t even bother to defend it because they can’t. Their racism is out in the open these days. Racist BS like eliminating drive thru voting is also going to impact negatively GOP voters. Dumbarses.

The Elections Administrator folks puts out a roster of all who voted the previous day, and it tells you where they voted, if they voted drive thru or if they voted by mail.

You used to have to ask for this info and now it is posted.

Early voting is over for the May 1 elections. 834 voters voted drive thru in Kingwood.  Throw in another 326 in Humble. 353 in Pasadena and 293 in Baytown. That’s not chump change.  Drive thru voting could very well turn into a positive voting culture change in Harris County. Leave it alone.

The Astros won last night and are 12-11.

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