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Naming the Accused

Those who follow the Texas Legislature learned Saturday morning on social media via the Stateman that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) was investigating an incident of a lobbyist drugging a female staff member who worked at the State Capitol.

On Sunday I saw the retweets of a few GOP Texas legislators, declaring that the accused lobbyist and his firm were banned from their offices.  Like most folks, Commentary was curious as to who was the accused lobbyist.  Sunday afternoon I had discussions with a couple of astute politico friends about this. One surmised that the lobbyist had strong GOP ties because GOP legislators were the first to announce their bans.  Kind of distancing themselves.

We also learned Sunday the accused is/was with the high-powered lobbying firm, HillCo Partners.

Yesterday, Monday, the name of the lobbyist was revealed by the right wing MQS folks.  To my knowledge no mainstream media organization has revealed the name of the accused.

The accused turns out used to work for a GOP state legislator.  Not that it matters, but one of my astute friends called it on this.

The accused retained attorneys and here is what they said:

“If, in fact, somebody drugged a Capitol staffer, it was not our client nor any employee of HillCo Partners.  We can state with absolute certainty.  We respectfully request that everyone involved proceed with due caution before an innocent person’s life is ruined.”

The Texas House Speaker addressed the House yesterday and said this:

“These allegations shake our Capitol family to its core, and I am disgusted that this sort of predatory behavior is still taking place in and around our Capitol. We can and we must do better when it comes to changing the culture in this building.”

Again, we learned of the investigation three days ago.

Is the Capitol media heeding the advice of the lawyers and proceeding “with due caution” by not naming the accused? All the insiders know who he is. Is this normal?  What am I missing? Oh, well.

Yesterday was the biggest day of early voting in Harris County.  16% of the early voters used drive thru – mostly in Kingwood and Pasadena.

Today is the last day of early voting.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said this recently:

“If they’re worried about people of color — on the Democrats’ side who came up with this drive-in voting — statistics show that more people of color don’t have cars than not. So how do (drive-thru voting centers) help those folks?”

Patrick is not too smart.  I wish he would have been at BakerRipley in Pasadena yesterday to watch all the Latinos who used the drive thru voting.

Texas will get two more congressional districts.

Jose Altuve is back and we won last night.

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