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Killer Cartoon

The voters will not replace us cartoon I will be tweeting with today’s take is a killer. Nice job by the cartoonist from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Check this headline from HoustonChronicle.com today:

Houston Methodist says it will fire hospital workers who refuse to take COVID vaccine

The hard copy headline on the front page says this:

No vaccine no job at Houston Methodist

Here is how the story starts:

Four out of five Houston Methodist employees are vaccinated against COVID-19. The sliver who are not will be suspended or fired if they refuse the shot, according to company policy.

The hospital required managers to be vaccinated by April 15 and all other employees — about 26,000 workers in total — by June 7, said Stefanie Asin, a Houston Methodist spokesperson.

With 84 percent of the staff vaccinated, the hospital is close to herd immunity, CEO Marc Boom wrote in a letter to employees this month.

“As health care workers we’ve taken a sacred oath to do everything possible to keep our patients safe and healthy — this includes getting vaccinated,” Boom wrote.

A little more than 4,100 employees have not received at least a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The hospital does not know yet how many employees potentially will be suspended or terminated because of the mandatory vaccination policy.

Since 2009, a hospital policy has mandated its workers receive the flu vaccine each year, unless they have a medical or religious objection qualifying them for exemption.

Fire them.  The vaccine should be mandated.  COVID-19 has cost us over half a million lives here in America.  The knuckleheads are killing us.

Over 10% of Harris County’s early voters in person this week are voting drive thru.  Some GOP arseholes in the Texas Legislature want to eliminate this option.  I wonder if they know that Kingwood has the most drive thru voters. Yes, Kingwood.

Some local political jurisdictions still run their own elections. Some folks have to go vote at two different locations for city and ISD elections. Go figure.

We won the YouTube game last night. 

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