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San Jacinto Day

Aside from Derek Chauvin’s legal defense team, who in their right mind could defend Chauvin.  He got what he deserved yesterday. Guilty three times.  Now we will wait for his sentencing in a few weeks.

I am guessing the law enforcement leadership across the country was breathing a sigh of relief after the verdict was announced.  They didn’t have to deal with protesters taking to the streets last night.

The City of H-Town is spending a million or so on high powered litigators to protect themselves from the botched Harding Street raid.  They will probably need to hire a couple or so more firms in my book. This is kind of silly.

Commentary thinks it is a safe bet that the serious candidates for H-Town Mayor in 2023 will campaign on not defending the botched raid.  Why do you think it is even called a botched raid?

Here is how Royko responded to the Biden-Harris administration playing hardball with Texas on Medicaid:

Where are the media useful idiots when you need them?

Had Trump suggested withholding any Medicaid funds, all you knuckleheads would have been on the warpath; but, when the Harris-Biden Maoists do it, well Hell, the Republicans must be blamed.

Good! Let the Democrats shut off the funds for Medicaid funds. We are tired of pulling the over-loaded wagon. How can we get the government to stop wasting trillions on other unnecessary federal agency expenditures?

All Texas has to do is expand Medicaid and everyone will live happily ever after, but noooo.  I am betting that Biden-Harris will prevail on this one. Easy call for sure.

Today is San Jacinto Day.  Commentary tries to give it a mention every year on this day.  I have told folks before that being from Baytown, right next to the Battleground, a number of our schools in the Goose Creek CISD were named after the notables or heroes of the Texas Revolution, including Austin, Bowie, Crockett, De Zavala and Travis.  Heck, we even had one named after San Jacinto.

When was the last time you were at the Battleground to visit the Monument or Battleship Texas?  Of course, you can’t visit the ship these days because it is undergoing much needed repairs. When was the last time you rode on the Lynchburg Ferry? Can you name the ferryboats? The William P. Hobby and Ross S. Sterling. When was the last time you had a meal at the Monument Inn? 

Just so you know, the Battleground isn’t part of Baytown, Deer Park, La Porte, H-Town or Pasadena.  It is in unincorporated Harris County.

I really can’t think of a decent flick about the Battle of San Jacinto.  Can you?

Former Astro Ken Caminiti would be 58 today.  He left us way too soon.

7-9 and in last place.

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