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Selena 50

Selena would be 50 today.  She was just fixing to turn 23 when she was murdered. “Selena” the movie is one of those flicks that I just stop and watch if I come across it.  I last saw it at my Dad’s house. What could have been. I miss her so much.

What’s up with State Rep. Harold Dutton supporting constitutional carry? 

Constitutional carry. Voter suppression. Anti-trans kids.  We have an extremist Texas legislature. What an embarrassment.

The Harris County Elections Administrator sent out a press release this morning and included the following:

The following jurisdictions are contracting with Harris County for the upcoming election: City of Pasadena, City of Humble, City of Missouri City, City of Nassau Bay, City of South Houston, City of Southside Place, City of Webster, City of West University Place, Cy-Champ PUD, East Lake Houston Management District, Goose Creek CISD dist. 1, Goose Creek CISD dist. 2, Goose Creek CISD dist. 5, HC FWSD 001A, HC MUD 170, HC MUD 217, HC WCID 001, HC WCID 070, Humble ISD, Lee College District, NW HC MUD 005, Pasadena ISD, Sunbelt FWSD defined area, Timber Lane UD, Trail of the Lakes MUD, HC MUD 081, HC MUD 082, HC UD 006. 

70,000 vote by mail applications have been sent to voters 65 and older that reside in the jurisdictions participating in the election. The deadline to return an application to vote by mail is Tuesday, April 20.  

As of this morning, a little over 3,000 mail ballots have been submitted.

Early voting in person begins on Monday.  There are a few drive thru locations.  On April 26, the early voting hours will be 7 am to 10 pm.

From CBS Sports:

The Atlantic League, an eight-team independent partner league of Major League Baseball, will experiment with moving the pitcher’s mound back 12 inches in 2021, the leagues announced Wednesday.

I am sure the baseball purist won’t like this.  Right now, it is 60 feet and 6 inches from the mound to home plate. They will experiment with 61 feet and 6 inches. Back in the late 1960s, they lowered the height of the mound.  I won’t sweat it.

The Astros are in Seattle this weekend.

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