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Liar, Liar

Sigh.  From the Chron today:

Texas’ vaccination rate per capita puts it towards the bottom among all states.

Rice University health economic Vivian Ho said the state’s comparatively low vaccination rates are due in part to Texas’ decision to administer doses through its hospital systems, many of which are in urban areas and already had information on patients that made outreach efforts easier.

“We went for the low-hanging fruit,” she said. “The state decided to send the bulk of its initial doses to the hospital systems, and so its very easy to start there… But once you’re done with that, you have got to pivot and figure out how to send those doses elsewhere.”

She and other public health experts have for months said the state needs to do more to increase vaccination and education efforts in rural counties or low-income neighborhoods in urban areas.

That’s Gov. Greg Abbott’s lack of leadership.  Spurs’ Coach Popovich ripped Abbott a new one yesterday.

The Chron caught a GOP Texas State Senator telling a big lie.  I mentioned yesterday State Sen. Bryan Hughes going on CNN Sunday and Pamela Brown eating his lunch. Here is from the Chron:

In defending his controversial voting bill on CNN on Sunday, Texas state Sen. Bryan Hughes claimed half a dozen times that the attorney general’s office had 400 open voter fraud cases.

“That’s the fact,” Hughes, R-Mineola, said in an interview with CNN host Pamela Brown. “It’s documented. There’s no question about that.”

Yet that number is almost 10 times larger than the number of people with pending voter fraud charges in Texas, which is 43, according to data from the attorney general’s office. Only one of those pending cases stems from the 2020 election, in which more than 11 million Texans cast ballots.

Donald Trump told like eight kazillion lies that were documented.  Some like Sen. Hughes think it is ok to lie.  It isn’t ok.  He got caught.

Voting by mail in the upcoming May 1 Uniform Election in Harris County is picking up.  We can thank the Harris County Elections Administrator for sending out the mail ballot applications to those 65 and older.  Sen. Hughes’ racist voter suppression bill wouldn’t allow the Elections Administrator to send out mail ballot applications. Think about that.

If it was up to Commentary, I would not have provided a video tribute on El Grande to former Astros Skipper A.J. Hinch like they did last night before the game.  If folks want to cheer him when he is announced during the line-ups that is one thing. He was suspended for a year.  Oh, well.  I wasn’t there.

Then we lost the game.

I am opting out for Phase 2 at The Yard.  It is wait and see.

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