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Money Loser

The GOP Texas House Speaker said yesterday that he would be willing to sit with business leaders and go over the voter suppression bill line by line.  He doesn’t have to do that.  He just needs to read the Perryman Group’s analysis of the bill’s financial impact.  It is a money loser. Here is from Forbes.com: 

The Texas economy could take a massive hit if the state enacts new voting restrictions—potentially costing the state’s economy tens of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs—according to a study from the Texas-based economic research firm the Perryman Group, as the Texas legislature Thursday moved one step closer to making the proposals.

The potential loss of conventions, major sporting events and tourism could cost the state $16.7 billion in annual gross product by 2025, and nearly 150,000 jobs, according to the study.

Internal factors, like decreased business activity and lower wages in the state, could lead to the loss of $14.7 billion in household purchasing power by 2025, according to the Perryman Group.

Retail trade would take the biggest hit, according to the study, losing more than 50,000 jobs from drops in tourism and economic development alone.

Not only is the bill a vote killer.  It’s a jobs killer.

The only folks who like the bill are racists voter suppressors.  They are the minority on this.  Don’t they get it?

On a related note.  More folks are voting by mail in the May 1 Uniform Elections thanks to the vote by mail applications that were sent out by the Harris County Elections Administrator. If it were up to the racists voter suppressors, these folks in Baytown, West U and elsewhere would not be voting. Think about that.

I watched the game last night.  I saw a lot of folks not wearing masks.  They were not eating or drinking either.  The Astros didn’t appear to be enforcing their mask rule.  I have no idea who in the bunch was fully vaccinated.  I have no idea who got their first dose or who is carrying the variant.  It really didn’t look like an environment that I would go into.  I will continue to watch from home.

It is nice that we are 6-1 and off to a great start.  We have only played two teams though. It is still nice. It is also early.

The Astros have Sunday off. Someone needs to explain to Commentary why we don’t play on Sunday. That’s a first. I think.

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