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Reckless Rangers

Commentary’s Dad went to Baylor.  I wasn’t with him last night.  I was with him Saturday when the Bears played the Coogs.  My 97-year-old Dad talked smack for two hours watching the game on Saturday.  He had me laughing and I have to say that never gets old.

The USA should have done a lot better against the pandemic this past year.  We have been let down by a number of GOP elected officials.  Don’t get me wrong. There were some GOP elected officials who were outstanding.  There were far too many who fumbled and were cowards like Gov. Greg Abbott.

Now check this from the Daily Beast:

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte, who rescinded the state’s mask mandate weeks after taking office, has tested positive for COVID-19. The 59-year-old Republican got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine last Thursday, but since full immunity doesn’t kick in until after the second dose, he would have still been vulnerable to infection. The Billings Gazette reports that he developed symptoms on Sunday after attending Easter services, tested positive on Monday, and will now quarantine for 10 days. It’s not clear how he contracted the virus or if he has infected others, but six members of the state legislature have also tested positive since January.

That is not surprising.

The Texas Rangers were reckless yesterday.  “Today” led off their program this morning with the Ranger game and fans packed together, many without masks. I read a story where some Ranger fan said they were taking a “calculated risk” by attending the super spreader home opener.  It was more like a dangerous guess.  Fuc_ing morons.

The GOP wants to boycott MLB and Coca Cola. Commentary is Ok with Gov. Greg Abbott boycotting MLB.  If we win the World Series, his sorry arse won’t be around for any of the playoff games, and he won’t ride in the Downtown parade. 

Donald Trump wants a Coke boycott, and he took a photo with a Coke not fully concealed.

I can’t remember the last food or drink product I boycotted.  Maybe table grapes back in the 70s on behalf of farmworkers.

It looks like Mike Collier will be running for Lt. Governor again.  We have Joe Jaworski running for AG.  Those fellas are Ok.  We need a diverse ticket that looks like the Texas Democratic Party.  Commentary is talking about folks of color, women and from the LGBTQ community.

I just saw on “Today” that Peeps – you know, the candy – will be made into a movie.

I got this from the team yesterday:

We wanted to inform you of a brand new parking opportunity at Minute Maid Park. Located on the corner of Preston & Crawford St. across from the Center Field Gate, this small but convenient lot is the only lot on the west side of the stadium.

Full season access to parking spaces in Lot E is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Now you know.

We lost our first game last night.  We end the roadie with a 3 pm start today in Anaheim.

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