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Lazy GOPers

When did revamping Texas’ appellate courts become a priority?

Answer: When Democrats started winning again.

Check this from the Chron:

The first redistricting battle of the 2021 legislative session is here — but it’s not about state or congressional districts.

Sen. Joan Huffman, a former Harris County district court judge, is proposing an overhaul of the Texas appellate court district boundaries in an effort, she says, to help balance the workload. Under the current setup, which hasn’t been restructured in decades, the state frequently has to transfer cases from high-volume courts to lower-volume courts.

“Texans routinely explain that these transfers lead to confusion, frustration and increased cost,” said Huffman, a Houston Republican.

Senate Bill 11, which was voted out of committee on a 3-2 party line vote Thursday, would cut the number of appellate districts in half to seven.

But Democrats have described the proposal as a power grab after a blue wave helped them win majorities on half of the 14 appellate courts in 2018 and greatly increased diversity on the bench. The party, along with appellate court attorneys and judges, also worry that the new districts would reduce the voting power of minorities.

And this:

Second District Court of Appeals Chief Justice Bonnie Sudderth, a Republican who is chair of the Texas Council of Chiefs, said the bill would cause a disruption “at every level of our operations.”

And this:

Kristen LaFreniere, an appellate lawyer from Lubbock, said it was “nonsensical” to seek increased efficiency by reducing the number of courts. She said she’d rather see a more surgical fix to the overlapping areas, as proposed in other bills.

“It’s kind of hard to look at this and say that’s not partisan,” LaFreniere said, a self-described conservative Republican from West Texas. “It does seem to be more of a response to the shift left on some of the courts that we’ve seen. And that concerns me, Republican or otherwise, to see our courts being used in a political way.”

Here is the entire Chron article: Houston lawmaker’s proposal to slash number of appellate courts threatens diversity, critics say (houstonchronicle.com).

Even fellow GOPers think this is flawed. Rather than compete for the voters on ideas, some lazy GOPers like Sen. Huffman, would rather change the rules.  Pitiful.

This is what GOP Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley says about voter suppression bill SB 7:

It’s ridiculous. You’re going to have to reduce the number of machines at the main locations.  People will have to stand in line longer.  If it’s not voter suppression, it’s at least voter inconvenience.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic. We’ve had problems with our electric grid. And they’re screwing around with how many machines we can have in a polling place?

Pure and simple laziness that is turning into racism.

We aren’t taking sh_t anymore.  We are tired of some in the GOP suppressing our vote in broad daylight.  MLB did the right thing and snatched the MLB All Star Game and the MLB Draft away from Georgia.  Take that MFers. 

GOP leaders in the Texas Legislature need to decide if they want to put Texas in the same position. No more MLB All Star Games, Super Bowls, Final Fours, NBA All Star Game, just to name a few.  You are just not picking on Latino and African American voters.  You are picking a fight with democracy and folks have had it.

My bracket had Baylor winning it all.

Babe Ruth of the Yankees set the modern MLB record for runs scored in a season in 1921, scoring 177 times.  Now you know.

I hope you stayed up late Friday night and got to see Jose Altuve score on a sacrifice fly to second base.  That was amazing.  That was hustle.  That was also an RBI for Kyle Tucker.

The team certainly opened the season firing away on all fronts. They are averaging 8.75 runs per game. 4-0 baby!

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