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VBM Applications

This isn’t an April Fools’ tale.

Commentary is involved with the City of Pasadena municipal elections that are being held on May 1 with Early Voting starting on April 19.  There has been a Vote by Mail program in Pasadena.  As of this morning, political jurisdictions in Harris County holding May 1 elections have submitted 727 mail ballots to the Harris County Elections Administrator.  667 of the 727 are from Pasadena.

West University Place has May 1 elections and only 10 West U voters have voted by mail.

Goose Creek CISD in the Baytown area is having trustee elections and only 8 voters have voted by mail.  South Houston, which is right next to Pasadena, is having municipal election – 4 voters have voted by mail.

We have obviously had the resources in Pasadena to conduct a Vote by Mail (VBM) program.  Campaigns in West U, Goose Creek and South Houston obviously have not.

My Dad, who votes in the Goose Creek CISD, got a VBM application a couple of days ago from the Harris County Elections Administrator.  My Dad had already submitted his 2021 VBM application, received his ballot and is one of the 8 in Goose Creek who have voted.

The VBM applications were sent to every voter 65 and older in Harris County political jurisdictions holding elections on May 1.  The application also includes a good explanation if you can vote by mail with COVID-19 still out there.

I think I you know where I am going with this.  A lot of voters 65 and older are now used to voting by mail.  Most get a mail ballot application from a political candidate’s campaign that has their voting info included.  All this is required is a signature and stamp.  That is what is happening in Pasadena.

I help fill out my Dad’s application a few weeks ago and I mailed it for him.

Thanks to the Harris County Elections Administrator, thousands of 65 and older voters who voted five months ago in the November elections, will get an opportunity to vote in their May 1 election.

Now think about this.  Very few 65 and older voters take the time to fill out their own VBM application.  They rely on political campaigns.  That is what is happening in Pasadena but not elsewhere.  Last year, Harris County started sending out VBM applications to 65 and older voters.  They are doing it again this week.

The GOP controlled Texas state Senate passed SB 7 last night that would prevent Harris County from doing what they just did this week.  How gross is that?

I suspect more voters in West U, Goose Creek, South Houston and other jurisdictions will submit their VBM applications and voter participation will increase, thanks to the Harris County Elections Administrator.

Now why would anyone want to do away with this? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Tags tweeted this yesterday about what Skipper Dusty Baker said:

Baker on players getting vaccines: “I would hope they would have sense enough to get it on opposite of their throwing arms.”

That’s funny.

My Beatles wall calendar for April has a photo of the four from 1963. “The Wizard of Oz” calendar has a photo of the Scarecrow with “stuff a mattress with me. Ha!”

Opening Day is today, and I am wearing my Astros gear.

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