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As you can tell, Commentary doesn’t have much to say on the Wednesday before Easter Sunday.

HISD is looking at changing the name of Woodrow Wilson Elementary located in Montrose. Wilson was a known racist.  I don’t have a problem with this, but please be consistent.  Down the street from Wilson is Lamar High and Lamar was an arsehole.  How about changing that name?  If you don’t believe me, check this out: The Problem With Mirabeau Lamar – Texas Monthly.  Oh, well.

Sounds like the First Pet, Major, is a badass dog.  Don’t fu_k with Major.

C. Gordon Liddy left us yesterday.  I didn’t even know he was still around.

Just for what it is worth, I have the Coogs and Baylor making the Final Four on my bracket.  I was way off on the other side of the bracket.

Opening Day is tomorrow and here are MLB’s Alyson Footer’s Power Rankings:

  1. Dodgers
  2. Padres
  3. Yankees
  4. The ATL
  5. White Sox
  6. Twins
  7. 7. Mets
    8. Rays
    9. Blue Jays
    10. San Luis
    11. Astros
    12. A’s
    13. Brewers
    14. Cubs
    15. Nationals
    16. Cleveland
    17. Angels
    18. Phillies
    19. Reds
    20. Red Sox
    21. Marlins
    22. Giants
    23. Mariners
    24. Royals
    25. Tigers
    26. D-backs
    27. Rangers
    28. Rockies
    29. Orioles
    30. Pirates

Get ready to play ball.

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