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A few folks found out yesterday that Maya Rudolph’s mom is the late and great singer Minnie Riperton.  I remember I was floored years ago when I learned this.  I still have Minnie’s “Perfect Angel” album on vinyl.  She left us way too early at age 31 in 1979. Sad.

We lost longtime Chron columnist Leon Hale this past weekend.  I loved his columns.  I loved to read about his days growing up. The mule that would only talk to him.  His drives around the 610 Loop. His visits to small towns across Texas. He wrote in a way that you could actually picture what he was writing. I never met him.  I did see him one time at The Yard at the Saint Arnold area and he was drinking a cold one.  He was a treasure for sure.

I asked Charles Kuffner a couple or so weeks ago about Texas Senate District 6 and how it compared in presidential races the last couple of cycles.  This morning he certainly provided more than I asked for.  Cool.  Here are parts:

If we look at SD06, which is a heavily Latino district, you can see the increase in support for Trump from 2016 to 2020, which has been the story everyone has been talking about. I think it’s instructive to include the 2012 numbers, because the net change over the eight year period is basically zero from a percentage perspective – Obama carried SD06 by a 66-32 margin, while Biden carried it 66-33 – the vote gap increased by over 16K in the Dems’ favor. It’s true that Biden won SD06 by fewer votes than Hillary Clinton did, and that Trump closed the gap from 2016 by eight thousand votes, but the overall trend for this period is one that I find as a Democrat to be satisfactory. The overall direction is what I want, even if it’s not as fast as I’d like it to be. What happens next is the argument we’re all having, and there’s data to support either position. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

The flip side of that is what happened in SD07, Dan Patrick’s former district and one of the redder places in the state in 2012. Here, the trend is unmistakably in one direction. Mitt Romney’s SD07 was as Republican as SD06 was Democratic. Hillary Clinton shaved 41K off of the Dem deficit in 2016, and Joe Biden shrunk it by another 18K. In 2020, SD07 was only a ten-point GOP district. It would not be crazy to view it as a swing district, at least at the Presidential level, in 2024. I don’t know what the Republican redistricting plan is, but they’re not going to have a lot of spare capacity to borrow from in SD07. Just take a look at SD17 – which includes a lot of turf outside Harris County – to see why this make them a little nervous.

Finally, a few words about a couple of districts I don’t usually think about in these analyses, SD13 and SD15. The total number of votes in SD13 didn’t increase very much from 2012 to 2020 – indeed, it’s the one place I see where both Trump and Clinton got fewer votes than their counterparts in 2012 – and that is something I’d like to understand better. (For what it’s worth, Borris Miles got about 40K votes in Fort Bend in 2020, while Rodney Ellis got 32K in 2012. That’s a slightly higher growth rate than in Harris, but still kind of slow compared to other districts.) Trump 2020 snipped a couple of percentage points off Romney’s deficit, from down 68 to down 62, but that’s still a net 10K votes for Dems. As for SD15, it’s an example of a strong Democratic district that really stepped it up over the past eight years, performing in that way much like a lot of formerly dark red areas. Biden gained 55K net votes over Obama, as SD15 went from a 19 point Dem district to a 30 point Dem district. We’re going to need more like this around the state as we go forward.

Here is all of Off The Kuff: Precinct analysis: State Senate comparisons – Off the Kuff.


From the I did not know that department. I always thought that HEB was the national grocery store of Texas.  How can that be if they have never had stores in the Dallas – Fort Worth area?

Royko sent me this on my calling out racists in Georgia.

The Georgia election was stolen, and the victims have not finished the court challenges in a number of states.

One thing is certain, the Dominion voting machines are being scrutinized and removed in more of the states, where sanity still exists.

The other change will be to end the “cheat-by mail.”

The Dems are enabling this by trying to ram the federalization of state elections legislation through. There is a possibility the Quisling Justice Roberts will not vote with the Maoist faction of the Supreme Court, and end this lunacy.

That’s hilarious.  Three recounts in Georgia.  The election in Georgia was presided over by a GOP Secretary of State.  Racists can only win when they create obstacles to voting and don’t let folks vote. Oh yeah, Commentary is looking forward to the day when Dominion becomes a part owner of Fox News.

Probably the most ridiculed person on Twitter these days, and deservedly so, is Cancun Cruz.  The latest is his safari to the border with his dumbarse GOP senate colleagues.  Cancun Cruz never went down to check on the border when they were separating families and snatching babies from moms a couple of years ago. Cancun’s yapping these days is a joke.  He deserves all the ridicule that is piled on him. What a piece of you know what.

Opening Day is in three days and some of the players are dealing with COVID-19 protocols.  That’s why I won’t be at The Yard anytime soon.

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