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Voting Hours

Commentary doesn’t get to vote in the upcoming May 1 elections. Voters in Baytown, Humble, Missouri City, Pasadena, South Houston, West U., and other parts of Harris County will get to vote.  The early voting dates and hours were posted recently.  On the second to the last day of early voting, voters get to vote from 7 am to 10 pm.  There will also be a few drive-thru voting locations.  SB 7 up in the Texas legislature would outlaw voting past 7 pm and drive-thru voting. One of the drive-thru locations will be in Pasadena. GOPers in the Texas legislature don’t want folks to vote. Go figure.

In the hard copy of the Chron today, there are four stories on Deshaun Watson.  One is on the front page. One is on page A-3.  The other two are on the front page of the Sports Section.  One of the stories is about Tony Buzbee’s media strategy.  The strategy appears to be working – four stories in the Chron.

Cancun Cruz is a dumbarse fool.  Cruz is our Texas national embarrassment. His committee performance yesterday was par for the clown.  Cancun Cruz is A-Okay with a law enforcement officer and nine others losing their lives.  Nothing is stopping mass shootings because nothing is being enacted into law to stop this madness.  Blame it on the likes of Cancun Cruz.

We lost another great actor.  George Segal is no longer with us.  “The Owl and the Pussycat” with Barbra Streisand is my favorite George Segal flick.

I did the bracket thing and I only have a shot at getting two teams to the Final Four. I still have a shot at picking the champion.

This is from today’s Chron:

When the Astros host the Athletics in their April 8 home opener, fans can enter through any standard entrance, where they will be subject to a verbal health screening upon arrival. Fans will be asked to physically distance while waiting in the queue line, and security will use different screening equipment to aid in distancing.

Physical distancing will also be required when moving throughout the building.

Most bags will not be allowed in the venue. The exceptions include manufacturer designed diaper bags (when accompanied by an infant or small child), medical bags and gallon bags for bringing in food or water. Masks are required at all times unless actively eating or drinking, which is only allowed at a fan’s ticketed seat.

Doesn’t sound safe to me.  I will watch on the flat screen.

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