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Human Nature

CNN is running one of their “This is CNN” promos with all Asian American journalists.  Good.

Donald Trump dismantled the immigration processes.  He built more wall.  He shut down the border.  He snatched babies away from their mothers. He separated families.  He got his arse kicked by Joe Biden.

Once he took office, President Biden immediately started to undo the cruel, hateful and hurtful Trump immigration policies.  Migrants headed to the border thinking they got a shot at coming to America.  That’s human nature folks.  If you are going to blame anyone, blame Trump.

Gov. Greg Abbott and the GOP members of Congress are jumping all over President Biden on the border situation.  They didn’t say squat about babies being snatched from their mothers and families being separated a couple or so years ago.  #STFU cowards.

Kuffer has a good take today on the Texas Monthly article from last week that mentions The Dean as a possible City of H-Town mayoral candidate.  Here are parts:

I had neither Chief (Art) Acevedo nor Sen. Whitmire on my speculative list of 2023 Mayoral candidates. I’m actually a little more surprised to see Whitmire’s name in that story than I am to see Acevedo’s, if only because it’s hard to imagine the Texas Senate without Whitmire. On the other hand, it can’t be any fun to serve as a Democrat with Dan Patrick holding the gavel – there’s a reason why Rodney Ellis took the first chance to bail out for the seat on Commissioners Court – and the prospect of being the big fish who can actually get stuff done has to have a lot of appeal. As Campos notes, Whitmire already has a crap-ton of money, and the list of establishment politicians and civic leaders who would put their name on a list of his supporters is already multiple pages long. Whitmire would (largely) clear the field in a way that no one else could. If he wants to do this, he’d start out as the favorite.

Whether he would, and whether he should, are different questions. If Dems can finally break through at the statewide level in 2022, especially if they can beat Patrick, that might make staying in the Senate a lot more appealing, even as a member of the minority. Houston has a number of tough long-term challenges, and if the Senate continues to be an inhospitable place those challenges will be greater since the Legislature is much more interested in sticking it to the big cities than in helping them in any way. Whitmire may prevent some other potential candidates from entering the race against him, but he hasn’t had a real electoral challenge in a long time, and city politics are a lot different than state politics. Mayor of Houston is a powerful and prestigious job, but I guarantee it’s a lot harder and a much bigger time commitment than any state political gig. This is not a decision to be made lightly, that’s all I’m saying.

For what it’s worth, from my privileged position of armchair quarterback, I would like to see someone who sees themselves as a future statewide candidate be the next Mayor of Houston (*). Mayor of Houston would be a pretty good springboard to a statewide candidacy, and we’re going to need as deep a bench as we can get as statewide races become truly competitive. I specifically mentioned Sen. Carol Alvarado in this context when I came up with my theoretical candidates list last year, and I stand by that. Other people on my list – Amanda Edwards, Abbie Kamin, Chris Brown – also fit that bill, and one name suggested to me afterward who also would fit it is Michael Skelly. Nobody who is thinking about running for Mayor now has any reason to care about that, but I’m a blogger so it falls to me.

Here is all of Kuffer that I recommend you read: Mayor Whitmire 2.0? – Off the Kuff.

Opening Day is next week.

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