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Mayor Dean

This being the pandemic, other than being on a group text on the Astros, Commentary hasn’t talked to The Dean in a year.  He is thinking about running for H-Town Mayor in 2023.  Here is from Texas Monthly:

Houston insiders knew that the 56-year-old (Houston Police Chief Art) Acevedo had been considering a mayoral run once Sylvester Turner reached his term limit in 2024. But as Acevedo started prospecting for supporters, the response wasn’t good. Despite public grandstanding after George Floyd’s death—posing for photo ops with local protesters, changing his Twitter profile image to one of Floyd, granting countless TV interviews—his support in the Black community was thin, owing at least partly to ongoing animosity toward the HPD’s record on policing minority communities. Houston politicos also told me that the Mexican American community was lukewarm at best on the Cuban American police chief.

Even stranger, Acevedo’s support among non-Hispanic white Houstonians risked fracture. The police chief had made a gentleman’s agreement with John Whitmire, dean of the Texas Senate, not to run against him, should the Houston lawmaker seek the mayor’s office, as has been speculated. “Art and I are the best of friends, and he and I agreed months ago that we both wouldn’t be in the race,” said Whitmire, who conceded that, while he will run for reelection to the state Senate in 2022, he has been exploring a mayoral run.

Here is the entire Texas Monthly article: Why Is Art Acevedo Leaving Houston? – Texas Monthly.

Every time someone mentioned to me about Acevedo running for Mayor, I chuckled. He would have been eaten alive. The fella has no clue about running for office.

The Dean on the other hand does.  Plus, he has $9.8 million sitting in his campaign account.  That is serious dough.  He is also popular among Democratic Party leaders here in H-Town.  He would be very tough to beat.

In the Chron hard copy, the Deshaun Watson story on being sued by two female massage therapists is on the front page of the Sports Section.  I thought it would be frontpage material of Section A. 

These serious allegations got me to thinking.  There are supposed to be four total therapists to come forward.  How did they all end up getting represented by Tony Buzbee?

Alex Bregman is finally playing. Good.

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