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For those whiners who think President Joe Biden should give some credit to Donald Trump on the vaccines, shut up.  Trump had every opportunity to provide leadership on handling the pandemic and he failed.  He mocked masks and the science. Over half a million people in this country died. He took the vaccine in secret. We voted him out. STFU!

Republican U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and some of his Republican House members are visiting the border today.  Yeah, I remember when this same bunch visited the border when ICE was snatching babies from their mothers. Sure.

The City of H-Town police chief is leaving.  I was never a fan of the fella and I will just leave it at that.

Gov. Greg Abbott, State Sen. Paul Bettencourt and State Rep. Briscoe Cain will hold a press conference today here in H-Town on election integrity.  Make no mistake.  Bettencourt and Cain are leading the effort to do away with mail ballots and early voting.  Bettencourt and Cain want to go back to the day where you can only vote on election day.  They are starting with Senate Bill 7.

Abbott, Bettencourt, Cain and those who support their efforts are voter suppressors.

Harris County is ground zero.  100,000 Harris County voters used the drive thru voter option in last fall’s selection and Bettencourt/Cain want to eliminate this option.  Can anyone tell me what went wrong with this option?  If it is because Republican poll watchers were at a disadvantage, then fix the law too make sure poll watchers aren’t at a disadvantage.

10,000 Harris County voters took advantage of the 24-hour voting locations.  Bettencourt/Cain also want to eliminate this option. Can anyone tell me what went wrong with this option?  

Bettencourt/Cain wants you to submit your medical records to a nameless bureaucrat if you want to vote by mail.  Bettencourt/Cain want you to submit proof if you have a disability and want to use the disability excuse to vote by mail.  Think about submitting your illness to an election official.

Bettencourt/Cain also don’t want Harris County to send out mail ballot applications if voters don’t ask for them.  Here locally, this is going to backfire on them big time this November.  The City of Houston doesn’t have elections this November.  We do have HISD school board and HCC trustee election.  If we had city elections, 65 and older voters would be getting mail applications from mayoral and some city council candidates, as well as the political parties. HISD and HCC candidates really don’t have the resources for vote by mail programs.

If the legislature puts constitutional amendments on the November ballot to go along with the HISD and HCC races, 65 and older voters who normally vote by mail are going to be looking for their ballots.  When they don’t receive them, we can tell them that Bettencourt/Cain made sure they didn’t their mail ballot.

This election integrity BS is predicated on the Big Lie.  Don’t forget that Cain was a part of the Stop the Steal.  Secretaries of State from both political parties have said the 2020 election was conducted properly and there was no widespread fraud.

Bettencourt/Cain are all about keeping their political party in power and that starts with the goal of eliminating mail ballots and early voting and it begins with Senate Bill 7.

I wonder if Bettencourt/Cain believe President Biden was elected legitimately last November?

The Chron E-Board had a great take yesterday on this and here is one of their better lines:

This legislation isn’t about steeling elections against voter fraud. It’s about just plain old stealing them.

Here is the entire Chron E-Board take: Editorial: Stop the steal of Texans’ election rights (houstonchronicle.com).

Yesterday, I kind of had to catch up to the time change.  I am good today.

Last night I watched Stanley Tucci’s “Searching for Italy” and I feel like I gained some weight.

Did you know that in 1969, Larry Dierker pitched 20 complete games for an Astros record?  To put it in perspective, in 2019, MLB’s last full season, the White Sox and Cleveland led MLB with pitchers throwing 6 complete games.  My, how times have changed. Now you know.

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