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Ranger Danger

This is dangerously crazy if allowed by MLB.

From AP:

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — The Texas Rangers could have a full house for their home opener next month after opening their new 40,518-seat stadium without fans in the stands for their games last season.

If that happens, the Rangers could be the first team in Major League Baseball or any major U.S.-based sports league to have a full-capacity crowd since the coronavirus pandemic started rapidly shutting down sports a year ago this week.

Here is the entire story:  MLB’s Rangers in line to be first team back to full capacity (apnews.com).

The Astros aren’t far behind. Here is what the Astros sent me yesterday:

We will be addressing the Regular Season in a phased approach, and Phase 1 will consist of all April home games. Prior to May, we will notify you of any changes to our seating plan and your options for future phases.

Your season tickets for the month of April are in your account and will be accessible during the week of March 22nd following presales. If you intend to utilize your tickets and current location, no further action is needed. Please note, there will be no social distancing in your normal season ticket location or “Legacy Seat Location.”


Option 1 – Relocate to a socially distanced location for the month of April.
You may choose to temporarily relocate to one of our socially distanced locations where we will maintain a minimum of 6 feet between seating groups. 

And this:

Option 2 – Pause your account for the month of April.
You may temporarily defer your season ticket location and priority for the month of April. You must contact your account manager in order to do so.

I think I will go with Option 2 and pause.  Too many unknowns. Plus, I don’t want to knowingly participate in a super spreader event.

Today I am fully vaccinated.  That doesn’t mean I am fully protected. Too many unknowns.

President Joe Biden’s name won’t be on the next stimulus checks.  Donald Trump’s name was on the 2020 stimulus checks and he lost the election.  Nice move, President Biden.

Tags tweeted this yesterday:

Dusty Baker said the leading candidates to be his leadoff hitter are Straw and Correa.

Let’s go with Correa.

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