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I was at my Dad’s yesterday and he was watching movies, so I kind of watched with him.  “Patriot Games” came on with Harrison Ford playing Jack Ryan.  That is the one where Irish terrorists try to knock off some Royals.  Just saying.

I can’t figure out if the following is greed, selfishness, ignorance, idiocy, a combination thereof, or all of the above.  From today’s Chron:

With just a few days to go until the lifting of state-mandated occupancy and mask requirements, Houston officials urged area businesses on Sunday not to follow in the footsteps of a Washington Avenue club planning a maskless party to celebrate the end of restrictions.

State Rep. Ann Johnson slammed the owners of Concrete Cowboy for planning an event Wednesday to mark the end of COVID-19 protective measures, including restrictions on the number of customers and required masks when not dining.

She fears such a gathering, dubbed the “Mask Off Party” in social media posts, could contribute to a COVID-19 surge in Houston. The pandemic has killed more than 42,000 Texans in the last year.

Here is the entire Chron story on the idiots gathering: Mayor Turner, lawmakers slam troubled Concrete Cowboy for planning ‘mask off’ gathering (houstonchronicle.com).

Don’t be surprised if Gov. Greg Abbott makes a surprise appearance.

Commentary is certainly not going to rag on the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office. I am sure they are working out the kinks and stuff since they are new to being their own operation.  When elections were run by the Harris County Clerk, you could fill out a mail ballot application online, print it out, sign it, stick it in an envelope and mail it. The Elections Administrator’s mail ballot application does not allow the mail application to be filled out online.  You have to print it out and fill in by hand. Bummer.

You can go to the Texas Secretary of State and fill out their mail ballot application online.  Maybe the Elections Administrator will get around and add that important feature.

I ran across this because my Dad lives in the Goose Creek Consolidated ISD and Lee College service area and they are both having trustee and regent elections on May 1 and he needs to get a mail ballot. 

Since my Dad is voting by mail, he doesn’t have to get acquainted with the new voting machine gizmos.

As long as the vast majority of Republicans in Congress buy into the notion that the Republican Party is Donald Trump’s Party, there won’t be much working across party lines.  Trump won’t allow for it.

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