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Neanderthal Greg

HarrisVotes put out their new tagline or slogan yesterday.  Here it is:

Where Democracy Meets Innovation.

I get it.  They also just got new voting machine gizmos that they will roll out for the May 1 local elections with early voting beginning on April 19 – less than two months from today.  The City of Pasadena and Pasadena ISD are among those that will be voting on May 1.

HarrisVotes tweeted out the new voting gizmos a few days ago that included a video on how to use them.  The new gizmos include the use of paper.  It is an innovation for sure.

They are different from the current method we have been using for nearly a couple of decades.  It would be nice if HarrisVotes conducted an awareness campaign on their new innovation, directed at the political jurisdictions whose voters will be voting next month.  You don’t want them to show up at their polling location and getting surprised.  You know, all that jibber jabber about the election integrity thing. Just saying.

All these years, Texas Democrats have never been able to rattle Gov. Greg Abbott. President Joe Biden called out Abbott on “Neanderthal thinking” and Abbott went ballistic and lost it on Channel 2 news yesterday.  President Biden using the Neanderthal word was the polite way of calling Abbott a dumbarse.

Abbott got so riled up he went to the stale hater playbook and blamed new COVID-19 infections on President Biden releasing COVID-19 positive immigrants into our living rooms. That is not happening and is a lie. Abbott looked so silly and overmatched. Tragic.

President Biden has Neanderthal Greg’s number. Nice.

Way to go, Mr. President! Keep kicking his sorry worthless arse.

Here is the Channel 2 story: EXCLUSIVE: Abbott responds to criticism about order to rescind statewide mask mandate (click2houston.com).

From Luis Salinas on Gov. Greg Abbott’s Open for Business 100%:

The best comment I heard was: “Here in Texas, we going to remove all the red lights but ask people to act responsibly.”

Astros pitcher Framber Valdez dinged up his left ring finger – a fracture.

My Astros account executive sent me this yesterday:

Abbott’s announcement yesterday is good news for baseball! I know you are anxious for updates, but as of today (March 3rd), I have not been briefed on the new plan for this season since the governor lifted restrictions. Upper management is finalizing the remaining details, and we are waiting on MLB and the City of Houston to approve new capacity standards in the ballpark. We want to ensure that we can accommodate fans safely and efficiently, and we will inform you as soon as everything is approved. Thank you for your patience with this!

I won’t be going to The Yard anytime soon.

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