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Gov. Greg Abbott is the retreater-in-chief.  A political coward. 

Abbott is following the science.  The political science.  He is worried about his extremist right-wing base that will challenge him in the 2022 Republican primary.  

He has botched the handling of the pandemic for a year now.  He didn’t have us prepared for the big freeze.  He is now panicking and giving in to the right-wingers by lifting the mask mandate.

He doesn’t care about your life or mine.  He only cares about his sorry political arse.

Opening 100% and lifting the mask mandate is just going to cause more folks to get sick and die.

Commentary will continue to wear a mask and act responsibly. 

Texas is one of the lousiest performing states when it comes to the pandemic. 

Abbott said this yesterday on his action:

“This does not remove personal responsibility.”

What a joke. We are one of the worse because Abbott has allowed and encouraged folks not to be responsible.

Those who have been responsible will continue to do so.

Those who haven’t will continue not to be responsible.

March 2, 2021 will go down in Texas history as one of the worse in Texas leadership.

We are being ridiculed nationally – deservedly, might I add.

Unbelievable. That’s all I have to say.

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