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If my brother Mike were still alive, he would be celebrating his 70th birthday today.

If Karen Carpenter was still around, she would be celebrating her 71st birthday today and she would still have one of the all-time greatest voices.

Speaking of the Texas Electric Greed, err Grid, today is Texas Independence Day. That’s funny.  185 years ago today.

My tweet photo today is actor Richard Widmark and his seven-barrel shotgun from the movie “The Alamo” when he played Jim Bowie.  I think that is the only seven-barrel shotgun I have ever seen.  You didn’t think he was going to fight off the Mexican army with just his famous knife.

Royko sent me this on my mention yesterday on Sen. Cancun Cruz:

“515,000 are dead in this country due to” the (deleted racially insensitive and incorrect name of) virus is a bogus number. It includes any death where the seemingly biased health departments test and find evidence where the dead person has virus anti-bodies even if they died of a heart attack, or by a car accident.

Far more citizens have died from heart attacks, stroke, and other diseases.

If the Dems truly cared about “lives” they wouldn’t fund Planned Parenthood, known to harvest baby parts for the cash, and is considered a greedy evil organization started by a racist who mastered Eugenics, and has killed tens of millions of unborn innocent, mostly minority, babies.

Wrong again.  Not even close.

My “The Wizard of Oz” wall calendar for March has a photo of Toto with the Wicked Witch’s “and your little dog too” quote.  One of cinema’s truly scary quotes.

The Beatles calendar has a photo of the four from 1963.

Did you know that in 1979, Astros pitcher Joe Niekro and his brother Phil, with The ATL, each had 21 wins to lead the NL?  Now you know.

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