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Electric Greed

A local Republican elected official in a conversation with me this past weekend referred to the state’s electric grid as the electric greed.  Good line from a Republican or from anyone for that matter.

Gov. Greg Abbott and U.S. Sen. John Cornyn were with President Joe Biden in H-Town this past Friday.  That is where they were supposed to be, so good for them.

U.S. Sen. Cancun Cruz was at the CPAC conference in Orlando praising Donald Trump while a bunch of folks in Texas are still without running water.  At CPAC, Cancun Cruz also took the time to poke fun at the virus and mask wearing.  That’s funny? I guess he forgot that 515,000 are dead in this country due to COVID-19, including over 43,000 Texans.  This guy is clueless.

We now have a third vaccine. We need to continue to mask up and not let up. Let’s not get stupid.

From the Nope Department, some fella at CPAC said this about talking to real folks at diners across America:

“They’re not talking about esoteric things that the Ivy League talks about. They’re talking about things like the Bible, standing for the national anthem … and the 10th Amendment.”

They probably know about the Second Amendment, have a vague notion of the First, and may have invoked the Fifth, but the Tenth – nope.

I can now operate my kitchen sink after it went out during the freeze because of pipe issues.  I also got a small but nagging leak fixed.  I am kind of back to normal. 

I spent most of the past weekend at my Dad’s in Baytown.  I didn’t get to watch the Golden Globes.  This past year, I have not really gotten to watch any of the flicks or TV shows that were nominated.  I am way behind if you know what I mean.

From the Chron this past Friday:

Saint Arnold is saying farewell to Santo, a black Kölsch that’s been on the brewery’s regular rotation since 2011 and became one of its top-selling brands over the past decade. The very last batch of Santo is on shelves now.

I have had it. It wasn’t on my go to Saint Arnold very short list. 

Some of Tiger’s fellow PGAers wore the red and black yesterday. Way to go.

The Astros started playing Spring Training games yesterday.

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