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Have to Convict

Those were pretty chilling videos that Americans got to see yesterday. It is never going to get old. U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney was very lucky.

Think about this.  If Republican U.S. Senators let Donald Trump off the hook and he is not convicted after all that has come out about Trump and the insurrection, those Republican Senators will forever be remembered.  They will be on the list of those that didn’t convict the only insurrectionist president in U.S. history. That will be their legacy.  All of their life’s accomplishments will take a backseat to their vote not to convict the worst president in history.  That’s funny.

From the federal overreach department, check this from the Trib today:

Three federally-run mass vaccination sites aimed at underserved communities are expected to open before the end of the month in Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth, Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday.

The sites will be run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state emergency management officials, and are described as “pilot sites” in the national effort to speed up the nation’sCOVID-19 vaccine distribution effort.

The sites, which are currently being adapted for the effort, are NRG Stadium in Houston, AT&T Stadium in Arlington and Fair Park in Dallas. All three are expected to open on Feb. 24, with more details to be released later about how eligible Texans can register for the vaccine in those locations, Abbott said.

It looks like the President Joe Biden administration is bailing out Abbott.

I wonder when AG Ken Paxton will sue FEMA?

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and some Republican legislators want the National Anthem made mandatory at events at taxpayer funded venues or something like that in Texas.  They are responding to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban not having it played at Mavs games this season. That’s all you need to know about these fellas.  We are still in the middle of the pandemic, folks are out of work, a lot of kids still aren’t in school, there are not enough vaccinations for arms, families are dealing with food insecurity, folks are still getting infected with COVID-19 and dying, and Lt. Gov. Patrick and Republican lawmakers are worried about having bombs bursting in air being played.

I ran across this yesterday and I double checked it.  Astros pitcher Lance McCullers, Jr. and his dad, Lance, were both drafted 41st overall in the MLB draft.  Lance, Jr. by the Astros in 2012 and his dad by the Phillies in 1982.  Now you know.

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Oh, Say!

Commentary was out and about yesterday.  I really didn’t get to watch the impeachment trial.  I did listen to it on SiriusXM.  I watched the recap last night.  Republican U.S. Senators are certainly squirming.  That is good.

It is pretty clear that the case has already been made to convict Donald Trump. It is also pretty clear that Republican members of Congress have surrendered their moral authority.  Republican U.S. Senators are poised to nail Trump’s coffin shut, but they are too scared to grab the hammer. 

Meanwhile, the President Joe Biden administration is focused on eradicating COVID-19.  It is so refreshing.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is not allowing the National Anthem to be played before Mavericks games.  Commentary is Ok with that.  I don’t think you have to play the National Anthem to let folks know you are patriotic or support the country.  Folks don’t even sing it anyway. 

You show your patriotism by voting, voting to convict Trump, or showing up for jury duty.  Stuff like that.

I read today where some folks want to remake “The Wizard of Oz.”  Why?  That’s stupid.  What a monumental waste of time.

Hello, Pearl Milling Company pancake mix and syrup.  I hope you do well.

Spring Training for the Astros opens next week.

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Baytown’s Lake

Everyone knows Commentary is from Baytown.  I never knew Baytown had a lake with a racially offensive name.  I learned it yesterday on Twitter.  I had to go look at google maps to find it.  It looks like it is part of the Cedar Bayou system way down Tri-City Beach Road by Trinity Bay.  I have never been there. How did it even get that name?

Here is the Chron front page story today on the lake: Black lawmakers push to rename Baytown’s Negrohead Lake, as law envisioned 30 years ago (houstonchronicle.com).

The story is also on the front page of today’s Baytown Sun.

Interesting that I didn’t know about this.

Also, on the front page of today’s Baytown Sun, is a story on State Rep. Mary Ann Perez’s bill that would keep the Battleship Texas at the San Jacinto Battlegrounds.  Good luck with that bill.

In the state of Texas, who really cares where the Battleship Texas ends up?  Do you?

The Impeachment Trial, Part 2 gets underway today.  I wonder if more damaging info will come out or will it be a rehash of stuff we already know.

A majority of Americans believe there was an insurrection on January 6 and that Donald Trump should be convicted.  Let’s see if more Americans can be convinced and make the Republican U.S. Senators squirm a bit more.

There have been four Astros pitchers who struck out 11 or more batters in their debut game with the Astros.  J.R. Richards with 15 Ks in 1971, Randy Johnson with 12 in 1998, Collin McHugh with 12 in 2014 and Gerrit Cole with 11 in 2018.  Now you know.

MLB.com’s Tags put out a piece on the Top 5 all-time Opening Days in Astros history.  I was at two.  The Sunday night opener in 2013 when we made our American League debut against the Rangers at The Yard and the 2004 opener at The Yard against the Giants.

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Congratulations to former Oakland Raiders Head Coach Tom Flores on his selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Si se puede!  What took so long?

Just to make H-Town sports fans feel a bit better or maybe not so bad this morning.  Tom Brady was selected like in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft and we didn’t have a NFL team at the time, so we weren’t stupid like 30 other NFL teams that failed to draft him.

GOAT. That’s all you can say about Brady last night.  That’s all. Period.

On the Super Bowl ads.  It was a so-so night.  I will just rattle off the ones that I liked:

Toyota and the para-Olympian won the night.

M&Ms and the Karen line.

Doritos 3D with Mathew McConaughey.

Bud Light Seltzer with the 2020 lemons bombing the sh_t on everyone.

The two Rocket Mortgage pretty sure ads.

Amy Schumer and the Hellman’s Mayo.

Tide and the fella’s face on the T-shirt.

Cheetos of course with Mila and Ashton.

Cadillac with Scissorhands.

Jeep with Bruce Springsteen’s to the Reunited States of America which drove Breitbart nation cwazy.

The Four Seasons Landscape or something like that ad from FIVEsomething.

Commentary was watching “Today” Friday morning, and they had another of those bracket contests.  This one was called Snack-It Bracket, for best Super Bowl snack food.  Nachos beat, err upset wings in the finals.  Carson Daly then went on to explain the history of Nachos and mentioned the fella who came up with the first Nacho dish.  I did not know that.  Here is from Wikipedia:

Nachos originated in the city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, just over the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya created nachos at the Victory Club in 1940 when Mamie Finan, a regular customer, asked if Anaya could bring her and three other women a different snack than usual. Anaya went to the kitchen and spotted freshly fried pieces of corn tortillas. In a moment of culinary inspiration, he added melted cheese and pickled jalapeño strips. After tasting the snack, Finan asked what it was called. Anaya responded, “Well, I guess we can just call them Nacho’s Special.” Anaya cut the tortillas into triangles, fried them, added shredded Colby cheese, quickly heated them, added sliced pickled jalapeño peppers, and served them.

Now you know.  I like mine with the chip, refried beans, beef fajitas, melted cheese, and sliced pickled jalapeno.  I also like them individually presented, not everything piled on.

Heading into Valentine’s Day, “Today” show is at it again with a Rom-Com bracket deal.  At least my favorite romantic comedy of all time made the 16 entries. Commentary is talking about “Notting Hill.” It is up against “Overboard” in the first round.

Did you know that in 1977, three Astros stole more than 40 bases each? César Cedeño stole 61, Jose Cruz 44 and Enos Cabell 42.

From the Astros : The 2021 Astros FanFest presented by H-E-B goes virtual on Saturday, February 20th from 10am – 4pm! This year’s FanFest will feature Fan Forums, fun videos and more!

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Super Bowl Weakened

Ok, so much for the play on the words Super Bowl Weekend.  Give me credit though. I tried. This is America 2021 that still hasn’t learned from America 2020 and many will not mask up and social distance this Super Bowl Weekend.  The dumbsh_ts will have their Super Bowl parties and spread the variants and folks will get sick and die.  There is absolutely no reason to be celebrating this Super Bowl Weekend.

The Texas House Speaker put out the committee assignments yesterday and here is what the Chron has on their front page:

The lawmaker picked to oversee voting legislation in the Texas House helped former President Donald Trump try to overturn the election results in November. The member who will take the lead on redrawing state and congressional districts for the next decade was accused last time of trying to disenfranchise Latino voters.

On Thursday, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan announced his picks for committee chairs, coveted roles that will help decide what bills live and die this year in the state Legislature. Two of the selections, Rep. Briscoe Cain for the Elections Committee and Rep. Todd Hunter in the Redistricting Committee, are already raising concerns among voting rights advocates for their past political stances.

Cain, R-Deer Park, was one of several lawyers who volunteered for the Trump campaign’s failed effort to throw out the election results in Pennsylvania, traveling to Philadelphia and interviewing poll workers and watchers. He declined Thursday to say whether he believes the federal election results were legitimate, or that the Pennsylvania lawsuits were adequately vetted.

“For me, the process is what matters,” Cain told a local television news station in November. “This is not about ensuring that Trump wins; it’s about ensuring that we have a fair election, because I believe the people do not trust in their elections or the systems.”

And this:

Hunter, an eleven-term Republican and civil litigation attorney from Corpus Christi, has previously served three times on the House redistricting committee. He was accused in a 2011 federal lawsuit of illegally gerrymandering the districts in and around Corpus Christi — HD32 and HD34 — to “undermine Latino voting strength.”

Staffers for Hunter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Federal judges ruled in 2017 that the state’s map drawers, and specifically Hunter, had diluted the vote of minority residents in violation of the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act.

Last April, April 17 to be precise, Commentary put out a take on Rep. Cain trying to meddle in elections in Mont Belview and Barbers Hill ISD.  The communities are right next to Baytown in Chambers County.  It was at the beginning of the pandemic and the leadership there were encouraging the voters to vote by mail using the disability excuse.  Here is what the Barbers Hill School Superintendent had to say to the Baytown Sun about Cain’s meddling:

“The most basic tenet of the Republican Party is local control, and it is shameful a local Republican rep that doesn’t represent a single one of our taxpayers is seeking to undermine local control. We have two exceptional entities governed by two outstanding boards choosing to legally hold locally-needed essential elections. Barbers Hill ISD will continue to focus on the safety of our students while keeping our tax rate one of the lowest in the Houston area.”

This community votes 70% plus GOP and they wanted the vote by mail option. 

Does Commentary worry about what Rep. Cain can do to us as Elections Committee Chair?  Yes.  At the same time, he’s a punk and his colleagues should treat him as a punk.  If that happens, maybe we will escape damage.

On the Texas House committee assignments, I was surprised by freshman State Representative Ann Johnson of Houston getting an Appropriations Committee slot. Nice.

38 years-ago yesterday, we lost Karen Carpenter.  She was only 32 years old when she left us. Tragic. She was one of the best singers of all time. Rolling Stone Magazine put out their Top 100 Singers and rated her like number 96 or something like that.  Commentary would put her in the top 10.  Her vocal range was incredible.

Go listen to her tunes and then dare to argue with me.  I will slice and dice you for sure.

Luis Salinas sent me this on my take yesterday:

Marjorie Taylor Greene said the 1/6/21 event was great and she would do it again.

She got removed from her House Committees and we didn’t get a think you from Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Commentary won’t place a bet on the Super Bowl, but I will root for Tom Brady to have a good game.  He’s the GOAT.

Commentary will watch the game by myself. Before the game I will listen to Neil Sedaka’s “Solitaire”, his version or Karen Carpenter’s version. My Super Bowl spread won’t be anything special.  A very simple charcuterie spread with a nice red.  I have a MollyDooker that I just might invite to watch the game.

27 years-ago yesterday, the Astros introduced the blue and gold uniforms. Commentary didn’t have a problem with them.  I still wear a slightly tattered blue and gold team polo and have a couple of their lids.  One of my best friends, State Sen. Carol Alvarado, on occasion, wears her blue and gold jersey to The Yard.  In fact, she is wearing that jersey in the photo that comes up on my iphone when she calls me.

Have a safe Super Bowl Weekend.

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No Rodeo

Gov. Greg Abbott said this Monday evening:

Normalcy is returning to Texas.

The Houston Rodeo said this yesterday:

Today, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo announced the cancellation of the RODEOHOUSTON® competitions, concerts and entertainment, carnival, and other attractions and activities, which were recently rescheduled for May 4 – 23, 2021, due to the ongoing health situation.

Gov. Abbott has a weird reality. It is like he wants to be Donald Trump-like and have us think that things are really normal. Dude, Austin just got hit by the variant. We are hurting and things are not returning to normal.

Here is the headline for a Chron front page story today:

Abbott moves to limit own authority

He certainly knows he’s bungled the pandemic and looking for ways to spread the blame.  What a tool.

The Republican U.S. House Reps voted to tell Donald Trump F-you when they kept Rep. Liz Cheney as their conference chair.  They could only get away with this under the cover of darkness, err secret ballot.  It’s still a setback to Trump.

The Republican U.S. House Reps didn’t have the guts to take away the committee assignments of their QAnon colleague, so the Democrats will have to do their jobs later on today.

This is hilarious from The Hill:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) office called out House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Wednesday for failing to take action against GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), referring to him as “McCarthy (Q-CA)” and mocking him for a lack of courage in a statement circulated by her office.

She owns his worthless arse.

President Joe Biden has been in office for 15 days and the best the Republican members of congress can do is rag him about the unity thing.  Here’s one we can all agree on.  Let’s pass federal legislation to eliminate that silly law where only the NFL can use the phrase “Super Bowl” to promote stuff.  Commentary thinks it is kind of silly that folks like Gallery Furniture have to use phrases like “the big game” when advertising leading up to Super Bowl week.  Same thing with retailers who use similar phrases in newspaper circulars. The NFL is a kazillion dollar operation.  They aren’t going to lose any money if others are allowed to use Super Bowl in their promotions.  We can be united on this for sure.

H-Town Wiggy is a colorful Astros season ticket holder who wears a chain with an Astros medallion to games.  He just tweeted that his Astros account manager just called him, and they want him to be in a commercial.  Commentary never gets those calls.  I have to grow my game, I guess.

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Commentary thinks it is hilarious that numerous media outlets have side-by-side photos of Republican U.S. Reps. Liz Cheney and Marjorie Taylor Greene this morning.  There is no comparison between the two.  There are more Republican members of Congress willing to speak badly of Cheney than Greene. 

Commentary is not a fan of Cheney. She voted to impeach and is now paying a price.  We all saw what happened on January 6 and she is not going along with the Donald Trump line.  Plain and simple.

Last night, CNN and MSNBC covered the ceremony live of the fallen Capitol Police Officer’s remains being taken to the U.S. Capitol.  Fox News didn’t. I watched on CNN.

From the Law and Order My Arse Department, this from CNN.com:

(CNN)The House of Representatives has officially created a new rule that will fine any member for failing to complete security screening prior to entering the House floor.

With the passing of this rule Tuesday evening, members who fail to comply with security screenings will be fined $5,000 for the first offense and $10,000 for a second offense. These fines would be deducted directly from members’ salaries by the chief administrative officer.

When metal detectors were installed outside of the House floor January 12 for all members and staffers to walk through, many lawmakers aired their frustrations. Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who filmed a campaign advertisement vowing to carry her handgun around Capitol Hill prior to arriving in Washington, was also involved in a standoff with Capitol Police while trying to get on the floor when the metal detectors were newly installed. Republican Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland tried to take a concealed firearm on the House floor.

On Tuesday evening, lawmakers appeared compliant with the new security measures and went through the metal detectors before entering the House floor. The vote was 216-210 in favor of the new rule.

The vote was along party lines and just like that the Republicans gave up any hope of claiming to be law and order supporters.

From the Trib today:

Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday he is open to reconsidering his executive powers during state emergencies, a point of contention among some fellow Republicans during the coronavirus pandemic, and that his office is “offering up some legislation ourselves on ways to address this going forward.”

Translation.  The Governor is just laying out a way to spread the blame around on his lousy handling of the pandemic.  Just watch.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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Texas Normalcy Thing

The line that stood out last night by Gov. Greg Abbott during his state of the state address was “normalcy is returning to Texas.”  I wish he would have explained how.  Commentary still being hunkered down is not returning to normalcy.  Texans are dodging like crazy the COVID variant. We are a way from returning to normalcy.  Returning to normalcy isn’t giving a state of the state address to Texas state legislators via zoom, dude.

The federal government said yesterday that we would be returning to pre-pandemic job levels in 2024. So much for Texas normalcy.

Not defunding the police will be an emergency item this legislative session said Abbott.  I may have missed it, but did he call out the City of Austin? The pandemic is not an emergency legislative initiative, but we all knew that that he would not designate it as such, because we would have to look at his dismal pandemic record.

Abbott also said that he wanted legislation that would allow businesses to remain open during the next pandemic.  Here is what he said:  “I will continue working with the Legislature to find ways to navigate a pandemic while also allowing businesses to remain open.” Huh?  Dude, you were the one that had the authority to dictate which businesses opened.  I guess Abbott supports stripping himself of his emergency authority. Abbott’s election integrity emergency designation is code for fast-track voter suppression. Watch for it.

I must have missed Abbott congratulating President Joe Biden on his win in a fair election and Vice President Kamala Harris on her historic win as being the first female and South Asian American Vice President, and of course first African American Vice President as we kick off Black History Month.  I missed Abbott’s spirit of cooperation in saying he was looking forward to working with the new administration. That would have been a class act on Abbott’s part and we all no he is a four-star classless act.

On the same line, err lines, if Texas were a country, we would not be happy that we would be the ninth largest economy in the world.  We are Texas, after all.

Commentary is still digesting the Democratic response format.  I will say that one of my best friends, State Sen. Carol Alvarado, was outstanding and to the point.  She kind of closed it out for the Democrats.

I said on Friday that the City of H-Town would be calling me to set up my second dose. I read this morning that they are going to email us and ask us to set up our own appointment online for our second dose. Now that’s what I call Texas normalcy.

We lost another great actor recently.  Hal Holbrook is no longer with us.  Of course, everyone knows him as Mark Twain.  He was also Deep Throat in “All the President’s Men.”  You know, “follow the money.” He won a few Emmys including two for playing Commander Lloyd Bucher of the USS Pueblo which was captured by the North Korean naval forces in 1968.  He won a Tony for portraying Mark Twain and was nominated for an Oscar for his Deep Throat role.

My Beatles wall calendar for February has the photo of the four in those iconic jump poses from 1963.  “The Wizard of Oz” calendar has a photo of Dorothy holding Toto with the quote “I Keep Forgetting I’m Not In Kansas!”  

The MLB players rejected the proposed 154 game schedule. Sounds normal to me.

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The Cheetos Ad

Commentary has to make a confession.  Cheetos is my go-to chip snack.  They have been since I was a grade school kid.  A treat back then would be getting a root beer and a bag of Cheetos.  To this day, they are a staple in my kitchen. In fact, I had some Saturday evening.

It is Super Bowl Week, so, we are getting a preview of the Super Bowl ads.  “Today” ran one this morning for Cheetos starring Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.  Part of the ad was aired and Carson Daly interviewed Mila and Ashton afterwards.  I thought of Harold Cook after Ashton made a “Cheeto” reference during the interview.  That is funny. 

Here is from “Today”: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher preview Super Bowl ad for Cheetos (today.com).

Former Harris County Constable Chris Diaz is in the Chron again. We should not be surprised.  Check this from the front page:

Weeks after Chris Diaz stepped down following two terms as Harris County Precinct 2 constable, a mystery remains: What happened to tens of thousands of dollars in campaign cash?

Eleven months after the Houston Chronicle first reported irregularities in Diaz’s campaign finance reports, the required disclosures remain riddled with errors and fail to account for the whereabouts of more than $60,000 in contributions the constable reported receiving.

And this:

Diaz stands out because his reports literally do not add up. A Chronicle analysis of the 23 reports the constable filed while in office found that he reported $556,210 in contributions and $488,041 in expenses from Jan. 1, 2013, though June 30, 2020. Subtracting the $6,514 cash on hand Diaz reported on his most recent filing last July, $61,655 remains unaccounted for.

Here is the Chron story on Diaz: Constable Diaz has left office, but what happened to $66,000 in campaign cash? (houstonchronicle.com).

Commentary will say it again.  Elected officials get away with this because there really isn’t an enforcement mechanism. We find out this stuff because the media investigates, or an opponent of the official goes through the reports.  We get what we pay for which isn’t much.

Gov. Greg Abbott will give a state of the state address this evening.  What we found out this year is that Abbott could not handle the pandemic.  You know what?  Nobody can argue this because even his own Republican Party says he botched things up pretty bad.

Let’s see.  Commentary paid for a 162 game season and now MLB is proposing a 154 game season.  That sounds a lot like 2020.

I am probably not going to The Yard anyway this season.  Maybe I will, if we make the playoffs.

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