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Seconds, Please

Commentary still has not heard from the Houston Health Department on my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine which is scheduled for tomorrow.  I will spend a frustrating day dealing with this today.  It doesn’t have to work this way.

The hard copy Chron story headline on Tiger this morning reads like this:

Rollover crash badly injures golfer Woods

It should read:

Rollover crash badly injures Tiger Woods

Hang in there, Tiger.

Gov. Greg Abbott will give a statewide address at 6:02 pm this evening about Texas’ response to last week’s winter storm and the power outages it caused. I didn’t know Texas had a response. According to the Trib, the address is not expected to be a long speech – just five minutes or so.   It would be nice to hear Gov. Abbott say he let us down and take full responsibility.  Most likely, he will worm his way out and point the blame at others.  That is who he is.

President Joe Biden and The First Lady will visit H-Town this Friday.  I am sure they will visit with the Harris County Judge and the H-Town Mayor.  I wonder if Gov. Abbott will also be part of the visit?

AG Ken Paxton finally returned to Austin yesterday.  He was in Utah during the Texas deep freeze.  The media was waiting for him and he didn’t respond to questions.  I wonder if top Republican Texas leaders at least privately acknowledge he is a POS?

Paxton and U.S. Sen Cancun Cruz are a national embarrassment.  Abbott’s handling of the pandemic and the freeze is also up there.

Commentary would like to think Texas is the greatest state in the USA.  These three make it difficult to make our case.  What a joke.

The Astros sent season ticket holders this yesterday:

I know you all have been anxiously waiting for updates regarding this baseball season. We will be sending an email in the near future outlining what the year will look like and what your options are regarding your tickets.

We will see.

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