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Wicked Week

That was certainly a wicked week we just endured.  I ended up with three different power outages – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I have some pipe and valve leaking issues that I am dealing with. I had to buy a new water heater because in the process of dealing with a leak we found that it was rusted.  I now have a clogged pipe that keeps me from using my kitchen sink.  I am dealing with it. I can now shower, do have hot water and don’t have to boil water.  Let’s hope I can get it all repaired this week.

@AOC used her national influence to raise a few million in funds for H-Town and Texas.  Cancun Cruz got skewered on “SNL.”

You can pretty much say that both Gov. Greg Abbott and Cruz just saw their aspirations for national office disappear this past wicked week. Texas was in the news this past week for all the wrong reasons.

When the pandemic started a year ago, I never thought COVID-19 would kill half a million in the USA.  After a few months, when Donald Trump gave up and governors like Abbott started kowtowing to the morons, I thought reaching half a million dead was a possibility.  It looks like we will pass 600,000.  It didn’t have to be this way.

I don’t think I could film out the window of an airliner an engine that was on fire. I would be too busy saying “Hail Mary” and “Act of Contrition.”

CNN’s “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” is a great and delicious watch.  They have shown two episodes the past two Sunday nights.  It focuses on food in Italy’s restaurants by region. It is very informative, and the presentation is exquisite.  Did I say delicious? 

The full squad reports today for the Astros Spring Training.

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